Wednesday, October 7, 2020


Halloween is such a fun time in a child’s life, adults too! One of my fondest memories growing up was visiting Chuck E Cheese on the weekend. I remember when my parents and my aunt would take my siblings and I on the weekends. It’s crazy that those wonderful moments are remembered 20+ years later.


When I told the boys that we were going back to Chuck E. Cheese last week for their Halloween Boo-Tacular, they were in disbelief. It’s funny because the entire day they were asking “are we going to Chuck E. Cheese yet”? I’m pretty sure Tommy and I heard it over 10x but it was okay because we knew they were super excited. 


I saw that during the month of October, there are going to be spooky decorations, Halloween specials, treat bags, and Halloween desserts like the Mummy Brownies, Orange Cotton Candy, and Dippin’ Dot Eye scream! 


When we finally got there, the kids were so fascinated with all the games and Halloween d├ęcor. Tommy had to chase them before we even got our play cards! With everything going on, our family wants to feel as comfortable and safe as possible. All of the staff members and other families there had mask on and was respectful of keeping their distance. I even snagged Liam and Easton these fun Chuck E. Cheese mask that they are still wearing to this day. Liam and Easton loved playing this game called “Graveyard Smash” and Chloe was so excited, she was playing every single game she could get her hands on. We’re planning on going back sometime this weekend because on Friday and Saturday nights in October, Chuck E. Cheese hosts a Glow Party! 


There are so many activities to enjoy as a family during Halloween and we’re going to soak up this entire month because it’s one of our favorites. I’m confident that we’ll all create memories that will last years and years. 


Thank you so much for reading! 




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