Sunday, October 11, 2020


When cold weather hits Houston, we pull out our denim jackets and truly make a day out of it! Seriously, we try to find all the outside activities we can think of because it's hot 90% of the year here. 

When it comes to buying jackets, I tend to gravitate towards jackets that can be worn with just about anything. Denim jackets are very versatile and the great thing about them is that you can wear them through the entire year. It's a great jacket for spring and can easily be transitioned into fall. 

Would y'all believe that this is Tommy's first denim jacket EVER? He has had too much fun trying out all of these new outfits. These are also his pair of black denim. 

We grabbed our jackets at Saks Off 5th and for every full-priced coat purchased at Saks OFF 5TH, a brand-new coat is donated to Family Promise from now until 10/12, a non-profit org that helps youth and families experiencing homelessnessThese next couple months of the year tend to be busy for most people and while we’re all running around decorating, cooking food for family dinners, and running a crazy amount of errands, I hope we can all take a moment to help those in need.

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*Photos by Banavenue 

Thursday, October 8, 2020


If my children could live in their Incredible costumes all year long they would. Since it is the month of Halloween, our family’s favorite holiday, they just might get their wish granted. 


For the past 5 years, the kiddos have gone as their current favorite Disney character. Woody BuzzSpiderman, you name it. We shop for our Halloween costumes and décor at shopDisney every year because they have a great selection of matching family costumes and the quality of the costumes are the best. From October 8th- October 10th, selected costumes are 40% off! Liam still has his Spiderman costume from two years ago that he wears around the house to this day. These costumes will be worn for months and month because these boys love superheroes. Chloe also refused to take off her Jack Jack costume, so I know she’ll be running around with her brothers all day and night


We decided as a family to go as the powerful Incredibles Family this year! shopDisney has costumes for the entire family and they even have little Edna! Liam is forever running fast like Dash. He zooms right past us and seeing the children’s imaginations run wild is such a beautiful thing. I think we should all spend more time being creative and imagining. 


I made a sweets board on this The Nightmare Before Christmas Chopping Board and it was devoured in .5 seconds. It was fairly easy to create too! I grabbed a couple of chocolates, nuts, and cookies and made little circle piles around the board. I also grabbed a Mickey pumpkin for treats and a Mickey Mouse bubble wand for Chloe from their Halloween section.


This is Tommy’s first year spending Halloween with us so it’s going to be a very special day. The boys are excited for him to be Mr. Incredible! Even though Halloween looks a bit different this year, there are still many ways to celebrate at home. We still want to celebrate big and we thought the best way to do that was to have a fun Halloween party with games, contest, and of course sweets! We narrowed down our must have Halloween activities and wanted to share them with yall! 


*This post was sponsored by shopDisney, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020


Halloween is such a fun time in a child’s life, adults too! One of my fondest memories growing up was visiting Chuck E Cheese on the weekend. I remember when my parents and my aunt would take my siblings and I on the weekends. It’s crazy that those wonderful moments are remembered 20+ years later.


When I told the boys that we were going back to Chuck E. Cheese last week for their Halloween Boo-Tacular, they were in disbelief. It’s funny because the entire day they were asking “are we going to Chuck E. Cheese yet”? I’m pretty sure Tommy and I heard it over 10x but it was okay because we knew they were super excited. 


I saw that during the month of October, there are going to be spooky decorations, Halloween specials, treat bags, and Halloween desserts like the Mummy Brownies, Orange Cotton Candy, and Dippin’ Dot Eye scream! 


When we finally got there, the kids were so fascinated with all the games and Halloween décor. Tommy had to chase them before we even got our play cards! With everything going on, our family wants to feel as comfortable and safe as possible. All of the staff members and other families there had mask on and was respectful of keeping their distance. I even snagged Liam and Easton these fun Chuck E. Cheese mask that they are still wearing to this day. Liam and Easton loved playing this game called “Graveyard Smash” and Chloe was so excited, she was playing every single game she could get her hands on. We’re planning on going back sometime this weekend because on Friday and Saturday nights in October, Chuck E. Cheese hosts a Glow Party! 


There are so many activities to enjoy as a family during Halloween and we’re going to soak up this entire month because it’s one of our favorites. I’m confident that we’ll all create memories that will last years and years. 


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Sunday, October 4, 2020


This summer, Tommy and I had talked about the places we wanted to visit and Tommy has always wanted to take us camping. With young children and this Texas heat, it can be difficult to take them camping outdoors. I came across Getaway House last year and thought it was such an awesome idea! I didn't know much about it but I was confident that it would be a great way to take the children camping while getting everything the children wood need; a place to cool down, showers, refrigerator, and a comfy place to sleep. 

We chose to visit the Getaway Brazos Valley location in Navasota, Texas. It was about 1 hour from Houston. Even though it was only 1 hour from Houston, the area made it feel as if you drove hours away from the city. What's great about taking a trip to Getaway House is that you don't have to check in at a office, everything can be done through your phone. 

What made me very comfortable with staying in the woods was that we weren't alone. There were over 20 other cabins in the same area that are all space out so well. 

Inside our cabin we had a refrigerator, 2 stoves, bathroom with shower, two beds, one sitting/eating table, and there was AC. Right outside we had a campfire to cook and a large picnic table. I love that we were able to still shower, cook, etc. It was in a minimalistic way but I feel that it's amazing to see what all you can do with so little. For the kitchen, it included pots, pans, dishes, silverware, snacks, salt, pepper, and oil packets. 

Whatever you eat and drink has to be brought from home. Inside the cabin, there are foods and snacks in case but I highly recommend planing out all your meals and brining it in a small cooler. We bought food for breakfast (eggs and bacon), hot dogs, bbq, bread, fruit, veggies, water, milk, and everything for s'mores. 

Keep in mind that this is very much like an escape from the city. There was barely any signal so it really allowed us to enjoy the nature. We went on walks on the trails, sat around the campfire, sang, and really took a break from the city life. The kids built a hut and ran around the entire time! I was able to go on a run and it was beautiful! Take this time to read a book and relax. Tommy and I spent the evenings sitting next to the fire talking for house. It was such a peaceful time. 

I rounded up a packing list with items we brought or wish we brought! 
-Food for every meal 
-All beverages you plan to consume
-Everything for s'mores
-Olive Oil 
-Boots & Sneakers
-Small Toys for toddlers 
-Board Games
-Multiple changes of clothes

I've highlighted our trip on my Instagram stories if yall would like to see our experience! When you plan your next trip, get $25 off with code: ANNIEMESCALL 

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Thursday, October 1, 2020


I can’t believe it has been about a week since I’ve completed and shared the Pilates Five Day challenge with everyone. These past couple of months, I’ve been sharing my new journey into incorporating more workouts and active activities and it was fun to do the challenge together. 

What I’ve learned from the Pilates Strong Challenge is how important working on posture and flexibility are. It’s not something I’ve personally focused on, but I will now because I feel that having a better posture is really important and helps long term. 


If you’re not familiar with The Balance Life, The Balance Life Sisterhood is an online Pilates membership and community with a members'-only app that offers 100+ on demand guided Pilates workouts. It’s a community of women that are supportive and encouraging. What’s really amazing about The Balance Life is that the workouts are attainable and you’re able to do them all at home. 


Keeping a well balance life and workout routine at home is important and it might seem difficult from time to time but with The Balance Life, helps make it easy. They offer 15-minute lessons that you can do at 8am or 8pm. As a mom, wife, and full-time business owner, my workouts are done pretty late at night and I love that I can find an interactive Pilates workout for me. 


With the holiday season approaching and life gets a bit busier but 15 minutes a day is 100% do able! Enrollment to The Sisterhood is currently closed, but you can try The Balanced Life with their FREE 5-day Pilates Strength and Stress Relief Challenge. It's 5 days, 15 minute workouts, and completely free. Click here to sign up.   


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