Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Life with these three are full of adventures, happiness, obstacles, and growth. Two months ago when Liam and Easton's school closed, there was a lot of adjustments. Having all 3 of them stay at home with me 24/7, keeping them busy, happy, and trying to get on a schedule was hard. My 3 children are very active and are eager to get out and see the world. 

My parents, especially my mom has been so so helpful. My mom has worked every single day of her life so when she wasn't able to open her business due to COVID-19, it gave her the opportunity to be with the family. She moved into her new house less than a month ago and have been inseparable from her grandchildren. We're there mostly on the weekends because I prefer to do the boys homeschooling at our house. When we go up to Houston, she comes up with us to help watch Chloe, cook, and be a helping hand. 

We're all so thankful for all that she does and am taking advantage of this time that she has off to be with her. I wanted to ask the boys all the things that they love and are thankful for about their Bà ngoại (grandma in Vietnamese)

Liam: "I love Bà ngoại because I love her ping pong table, her backyard, and she lets us learn on our iPad. At nighttime, Bà ngoại lets me play games and massages my back. Bà ngoại takes me to chick fil a, her work, and gives me candy to eat. I like to sleep with Bà ngoại and play with her. 

Easton: "I love Bà ngoại  because she lets me study on my iPad so I can learn about earth and how caves are made. She lets me go to the park with her and buys toys. She helps me call my dad on my iPad. She gives me money for my birthday. I love Bà ngoại house too because I get to play in the backyard, play with Nike (our dog), and play ball with everyone.

Chloe: Chloe obviously can't express those feelings yet but I know she's thankful for her Bà ngoại because she always carries her, gives her milk bottles, naps with her, and gives her baths. 

We hope that she has an amazing Mother's Day and will continue to show our love and gratitude towards her. We love you Bà ngoại. 

Before I end this post, I wanted to share Liam, Easton, and Chloe's outfits. Y'all know I love matching mommy and me outfits and when I can have the children coordinate, my heart is in awe. I ordered these pieces in from Lilly Pulitzer and can't get over how adorable they look in them.  Chloe was so excited to see the colorful printed dress and would not take it off. She's not even two years old and prefers to choose her own outfits. The boys polos are subtle but such a pretty color! These pictures are some of my favorites. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 


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