Wednesday, May 13, 2020


This post is sponsored by Hair Food. All opinions are my own. 

There are many places and shops that aren't available to us right now; nail salons, shopping malls, restaurants, and even hair salons! Instead of waiting for all of these places to open back up, take advantage of your time and learned ways to take care of yourself. If nail salons are typically on your schedule twice a month, learn how to paint nails at home and make the most of it. 

My hair care routine has been through a big journey since coloring it last year. Before I chose to color my hair, I researched about the aftercare of it throughly. My hair is super fine just like my moms and just like Chloe's so it's a bit more fragile. Taking care of my hair daily is important! Keeping it hydrated, nourished, clean, ect. I also have extensions in and those need more care than my actual hair. My salon stylist said that real hair extensions can last up to a year but most average at 6 months, it depends on the person. Of course, I wanted to take care of them as long as possible and am going strong at 8 months! To maintain healthy hair, I'm sharing a couple of tips that you can utilize at home. 

First off, find a shampoo and conditioner that feeds your hair. With all of the time I've had to myself, my goal was to start taking care of myself better. Our family started eating more fruit, veggies, and foods that are good for our bodies. Our body, skin, and hair all need to be treated with fresh healthy products. Hair Food Moisture Collection with Manuka Honey & Apricot has really been keeping my hair healthy and strong. Their products are made of natural ingredients and are free of sulfate, parabens, mineral oil, and dyes. They're available at Kroger for just $7.99 each - so it's an easy pick up when we go to the store. 

When you hop in the shower, massage Hair Food Shampoo for 2-4 minutes for longer hair types. After you rinse, massage in Hair Food Conditioner for 3-5 minutes. I apply the conditioner starting at where my ear is down to my ends. Running your fingers through your hair while conditioning helps take out all the tangles too! The most common mistake that I used to make to make was applying conditioner for less than a minute and then rinsing it out immediately. It's good to leave it on for a few minutes so it soaks into your hair. 

I use a quick hair dry towel and comb throughly while it's damp. Heat to hair can be damaging so minimizing hot tools and blow dryers can keep your hair healthier and smoother. 

When the children are down at night, I always look forward to the time where I get to take a peaceful shower, watch a few episodes of my favorite show, and relax. Now more than ever, I have time to take care of myself so I'm definitely taking advantage of it. 

1) Go at least 2 days in-between washes. This prevents dryness and keeps natural oils. 
2) Dry your hair throughly after your shower and comb. Try to avoid heat tools and hair dryers as much as you can. 
3) Use products that target your hair needs; moisture, repair, nourishment, etc. 
4) Use a hair mask once a week. Hair Food also has hair mask!
5) Try out heatless hair styles! I've really been loving braids overnight. 
6) Feed your body with healthy foods! 
7) Sleep on silk pillows. Silk pillows are known for keeping your hair smooth overnight and prevents damage. 
8) After using dry shampoo, brush out the excess products. 
9) Add hair oil and vitamin oil when ends start to dry out or at least once a week.
10) Avoid a lot of sun. Use protective heat sprays when you're out in the sun or using heat tools. 

I want to give one of my readers some Hair Food goodies too! Let me know what some of your craziest hair thoughts were during these times at home!


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