Thursday, March 26, 2020

THIS IS 27...

DRESS: Revolve // SHOES: M.Gemi

27 is such an odd number to me but I'm thankful to be another year older. This birthday wasn't what I had planned. Tommy and I were going to go to dinner and then celebrate with the little ones that evening. Instead, Tommy is 3 1/2 hours away and the kids and I were at home relaxing. Regardless, I'm just happy that I had my family around me and that we were all safe and happy. I feel that after I turned 22, I completely forgot what age I was, lol. I had to do some calculations to figure out how old I was. I'm not sure what is in stores for me and I honestly don't have many goals for this year. I think the first goal is getting out of this epidemic. After that, there will be tons of travel plans for us. This time is hard but it really shows me all the little things I took for granted. So I guess, my goal is to appreciate more in life. 

I hope y'all are staying safe and healthy! 


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