Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Easton has had one wild, crazy, and successful Kindergarten year. He started at a brand new school this school year and created new friendships and grew close to his teachers. This past year, Easton came across multiple obstacles; attending a new school, making new friends, going to speech therapy, ect. He has worked hard to excel at everything. At first Easton wasn't confident but with a bit of push and encouragement, he has really surprised Tommy and I. We're so proud of his accomplishments.

The last two months of home schooling were heavily crammed, days were long, lessons were long, there were tears, there were more laughs, and more. Easton completed 7 months of school and two months of homeschool and is a smart cookie. He reads to his brother and sister, enjoys learning about science, and being hands on. 

When Easton found out that he was graduating he was so excited. He was asking to wear his cape and gown for weeks! Our family will be having a family celebration party in the next few weeks but since Tommy isn't able to come down to Houston, we wanted to celebrate with the family first. We know Easton is going to continue excelling and putting in a lot of hard work! 

Congratulations to our Easton!!


Sunday, May 24, 2020



What’s my secret to keeping my skin healthy, smooth, and clear? There are many factors that help keep my skin healthy but one of the most important factors is having a good daily skin care routine. Averr Aglow skin care products have taken my skincare routine to the next level. It helps target uneven skin tone, prevents breakouts, and provides nutrients. I used to struggle with the nose and forehead areas the most. As a 27 year old, I never thought that I’d get those stubborn pimple surprises. My nose had so much built up dirt that it would end up resulting in breakouts. There would be little breakouts near my forehead that I’d try to cover up with my hair and a lot of even skin tone due to lack of sunscreen in my younger years. 

I’ve been using AVERR Aglow 4 step Clear Skin Kit and love the results. I have a 20% off coupon for yall too (CODE: ANNIE20). I’ve shared the 4 steps with yall before and want to summarize it again. STEP 1: MIST! STEP, 2: BUFF AND CLEANSE, STEP 3: REPAIR, and STEP 4: MOISTURIZE!  All of their products are made from natural ingredients (which is a MUST for me), Gluten Free, Paraben Free, and contains Vitamin C and antioxidants.

I’ve spent the last 2 months at home and have gone for the natural no make-up look. At first it was a little hard because I could see my dirty pores and dry areas significantly. After a couple of weeks of using AVERR Aglow, my skin has a natural glow, it moisturized, and brightening all of my natural features. 

Healthy skin also involves a healthy lifestyle and diet (for me at least). I try to avoid a lot sugar and fried food, I only drink water and coffee, and I try to work out/be active at least once a day. This is the lifestyle that I grew up with and it has stick. It really does show because whenever I decide to eat a fair amount of fast food, sugars, and sweet drinks, you can see the negative effects on my skin. 

With the extra time we have at home, it’s a great time to focus on those things we say we would do when we’d have more time. Put more time into taking care of yourself. We can take care of skincare, be more active, read more books, learn something new, ect. 

Thank you so much for reading! 


*Photos by: Banavenue 
*Thank you Averr Aglow for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020


This post is sponsored by Hair Food. All opinions are my own. 

There are many places and shops that aren't available to us right now; nail salons, shopping malls, restaurants, and even hair salons! Instead of waiting for all of these places to open back up, take advantage of your time and learned ways to take care of yourself. If nail salons are typically on your schedule twice a month, learn how to paint nails at home and make the most of it. 

My hair care routine has been through a big journey since coloring it last year. Before I chose to color my hair, I researched about the aftercare of it throughly. My hair is super fine just like my moms and just like Chloe's so it's a bit more fragile. Taking care of my hair daily is important! Keeping it hydrated, nourished, clean, ect. I also have extensions in and those need more care than my actual hair. My salon stylist said that real hair extensions can last up to a year but most average at 6 months, it depends on the person. Of course, I wanted to take care of them as long as possible and am going strong at 8 months! To maintain healthy hair, I'm sharing a couple of tips that you can utilize at home. 

First off, find a shampoo and conditioner that feeds your hair. With all of the time I've had to myself, my goal was to start taking care of myself better. Our family started eating more fruit, veggies, and foods that are good for our bodies. Our body, skin, and hair all need to be treated with fresh healthy products. Hair Food Moisture Collection with Manuka Honey & Apricot has really been keeping my hair healthy and strong. Their products are made of natural ingredients and are free of sulfate, parabens, mineral oil, and dyes. They're available at Kroger for just $7.99 each - so it's an easy pick up when we go to the store. 

When you hop in the shower, massage Hair Food Shampoo for 2-4 minutes for longer hair types. After you rinse, massage in Hair Food Conditioner for 3-5 minutes. I apply the conditioner starting at where my ear is down to my ends. Running your fingers through your hair while conditioning helps take out all the tangles too! The most common mistake that I used to make to make was applying conditioner for less than a minute and then rinsing it out immediately. It's good to leave it on for a few minutes so it soaks into your hair. 

I use a quick hair dry towel and comb throughly while it's damp. Heat to hair can be damaging so minimizing hot tools and blow dryers can keep your hair healthier and smoother. 

When the children are down at night, I always look forward to the time where I get to take a peaceful shower, watch a few episodes of my favorite show, and relax. Now more than ever, I have time to take care of myself so I'm definitely taking advantage of it. 

1) Go at least 2 days in-between washes. This prevents dryness and keeps natural oils. 
2) Dry your hair throughly after your shower and comb. Try to avoid heat tools and hair dryers as much as you can. 
3) Use products that target your hair needs; moisture, repair, nourishment, etc. 
4) Use a hair mask once a week. Hair Food also has hair mask!
5) Try out heatless hair styles! I've really been loving braids overnight. 
6) Feed your body with healthy foods! 
7) Sleep on silk pillows. Silk pillows are known for keeping your hair smooth overnight and prevents damage. 
8) After using dry shampoo, brush out the excess products. 
9) Add hair oil and vitamin oil when ends start to dry out or at least once a week.
10) Avoid a lot of sun. Use protective heat sprays when you're out in the sun or using heat tools. 

I want to give one of my readers some Hair Food goodies too! Let me know what some of your craziest hair thoughts were during these times at home!


Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Life with these three are full of adventures, happiness, obstacles, and growth. Two months ago when Liam and Easton's school closed, there was a lot of adjustments. Having all 3 of them stay at home with me 24/7, keeping them busy, happy, and trying to get on a schedule was hard. My 3 children are very active and are eager to get out and see the world. 

My parents, especially my mom has been so so helpful. My mom has worked every single day of her life so when she wasn't able to open her business due to COVID-19, it gave her the opportunity to be with the family. She moved into her new house less than a month ago and have been inseparable from her grandchildren. We're there mostly on the weekends because I prefer to do the boys homeschooling at our house. When we go up to Houston, she comes up with us to help watch Chloe, cook, and be a helping hand. 

We're all so thankful for all that she does and am taking advantage of this time that she has off to be with her. I wanted to ask the boys all the things that they love and are thankful for about their Bà ngoại (grandma in Vietnamese)

Liam: "I love Bà ngoại because I love her ping pong table, her backyard, and she lets us learn on our iPad. At nighttime, Bà ngoại lets me play games and massages my back. Bà ngoại takes me to chick fil a, her work, and gives me candy to eat. I like to sleep with Bà ngoại and play with her. 

Easton: "I love Bà ngoại  because she lets me study on my iPad so I can learn about earth and how caves are made. She lets me go to the park with her and buys toys. She helps me call my dad on my iPad. She gives me money for my birthday. I love Bà ngoại house too because I get to play in the backyard, play with Nike (our dog), and play ball with everyone.

Chloe: Chloe obviously can't express those feelings yet but I know she's thankful for her Bà ngoại because she always carries her, gives her milk bottles, naps with her, and gives her baths. 

We hope that she has an amazing Mother's Day and will continue to show our love and gratitude towards her. We love you Bà ngoại. 

Before I end this post, I wanted to share Liam, Easton, and Chloe's outfits. Y'all know I love matching mommy and me outfits and when I can have the children coordinate, my heart is in awe. I ordered these pieces in from Lilly Pulitzer and can't get over how adorable they look in them.  Chloe was so excited to see the colorful printed dress and would not take it off. She's not even two years old and prefers to choose her own outfits. The boys polos are subtle but such a pretty color! These pictures are some of my favorites. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 


Monday, May 4, 2020


TOP: Thread & Supply // BOTTOM: Thread & Supply 

I didn't realize that Mother's Day was coming up until I saw everyone sharing gift guides about it. These past two months have kind of been a big ole blob when it comes to figuring out what day of the week it was. The only time I was thinking about was when this quarantine life was going to be over, lol. This month officially marks the last month of the school year so that means these wonderful, beautiful, wild children of mine will be home with me 24/7 for the next 4 months............YAY ME!! 

With that being said, it's always fun to look forward to the weekends, summertime, and holidays. Mother's Day is such a special day and this year, us moms really deserve a trophy or an entire day to relax. Whether you're a stay at home mom, working mom, grandma, or any type of motherly parent, you deserve to feel special on Mother's Day. A dinner night out isn't really an option but a whole day to have an at home spa night, Netflix binge session, being surprised with gifts is 100% doable. I'm the type of person that usually buys what I need right away so Tommy always complains about how it's so hard to buy gifts for me, lol. I thought hard about creating this wish list and wanted to round up items that have been on my mind for awhile that I wanted. 




Tuesday, April 28, 2020


On the weekends, the children have a fair amount of time watching tv because they work extremely hard during the week. We've had several movies on rerun because they love them so much. I thought I would round up our top 10 favorite children movies for y'all! 

I also watched my first Korean Drama last month and I seriously can't stop. The writing and stories behind the ones I've watched are so different from anything I've seen. Like my sister says, the writing focuses a lot on character development and it makes you feel so invested into the characters. With Korean Dramas, majority of the shows only have 1 season. Each season averages around 16 episodes and are around an hour long. We're watching them on Netflix or VIKI


Toy Story 4: available on Disney+
Mary Poppins Return: available on Disney+ or Netflix
Onward: available on Disney+
The Secret Life of Pets 2: available on Netflix
Tarzan: available on Netflix 
Finding Dory: available on Disney+
The Incredible 2: available on Netflix 
Aladdin (2019): available on Disney+
COCO: available on Disney+
Lion King (live): available on Disney+


(1) Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (commonly referred as "Goblin"): available on VIKI
(2) The World of the Married: currently showing now so not available on VIKI yet
(3) W: available on VIKI
(4) Crash Landing on You: available on Netflix
(5) Kingdom: available on Netflix 

Let me know which movies or show you really enjoyed watching!! 


*Photos by Arzu Photography 

Thursday, April 16, 2020


DRESSES: Ivy City Co 

I've been waiting so long to share these photos because Chloe just looks so freaking adorable and these mom and mini dresses are to die for. They've been sold out for awhile and are finally restocked. I love that it's a mid length because Chloe can really grow into it. She's wearing a 12-18 months and typically wears at 18months-2T. 

These pictures really do make me miss our normal life but at the same time, I'm trying to soak up all of this time with my family. Chloe has become such a homebody that when she gets in the car for even 10 minutes, she's screaming the entire time, lol. It's crazy because my siblings and I grew up in a lifestyle like this. We were at home 95% of the time and did simple things like watching 1 movie, ride bikes around the neighborhood, play hide and seek, and just things before technology really blew up. My mom moves into her new home Friday and we're helping her set everything up. The boys will have so much fun riding around the neighborhood lake and spending time with their grandparents. These simple things in life are starting to appeal to me more and more. It really lets us take a step back from our busy life and dedicate more time with family.

I hope y'all are all staying safe and sound! 


Tuesday, April 7, 2020


DRESS: Petal & Pup // SHOES: Raye The Label // BAG: Teddy Blake (on sale!)

To be honest, I didn't think we'd be celebrating Easter at home. My super hopeful self thought that this would be all over by the end of March. Regardless, being at home isn't going to stop our family from celebrating Easter is this upcoming weekend. We are finally able to see Tommy this week. It has been 3 weeks since we've seen each other. I can't believe it has been this long. When we started to practice social distancing, all of the kids and I stayed in Houston because we were getting a bit sick and showing little signs (coughing, allergies, etc). To stay on the safe side, we had to stay home for 14 days. During that time, Tommy also started to feel under the weather so we had to start 14 days after that time period for us to visit Tommy in Killeen. (Which is 3 1/2 hours away from Houston). This week marks us at both 14 days quarantine after showing signs of sickness. 

Tommy is super excited to "host" Easter at his place this weekend. He's already talking about the children's Easter basket stuffers and what we're going to do. Instead of staying in our pajamas like we've done the past 20+ days, we want to spend the day as normal. We're going to get dressed up, enjoy breakfast as a family, have an Easter egg hunt, decorate eggs, and spend the rest of the day at home together. I snagged this dress awhile ago and it was just fitting for Easter. Traveling to Tommy's gives me another excuse to wear my Teddy Blake bag out. When I saw this bag online, I was drawn to the shape and the suede color. When I finally got it in the mail, I instantly fell in love! Y'all know what I'm talking about right? That first love you get when you see a beautiful bag or pair of shoes that you have to have. This Kate Duo bag is extremely versatile, it converts into a crossbody with the adjustable strap or you can wear it as a tote. I can't wait for this to be over to wear it out more. 

Thank you so much for reading! 


*Photos by Arzu 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

THIS IS 27...

DRESS: Revolve // SHOES: M.Gemi

27 is such an odd number to me but I'm thankful to be another year older. This birthday wasn't what I had planned. Tommy and I were going to go to dinner and then celebrate with the little ones that evening. Instead, Tommy is 3 1/2 hours away and the kids and I were at home relaxing. Regardless, I'm just happy that I had my family around me and that we were all safe and happy. I feel that after I turned 22, I completely forgot what age I was, lol. I had to do some calculations to figure out how old I was. I'm not sure what is in stores for me and I honestly don't have many goals for this year. I think the first goal is getting out of this epidemic. After that, there will be tons of travel plans for us. This time is hard but it really shows me all the little things I took for granted. So I guess, my goal is to appreciate more in life. 

I hope y'all are staying safe and healthy! 


Wednesday, March 18, 2020



Y'all, how I got through last summer with all 3 at home I will never understand. It's much harder when you can't take these kiddos to the playground, restaurants, and and their playdates. These times truly makes you appreciate all those little things. I've put my children on a pretty strict schedule for over a year now and it has made it much easier on me and on them. They know exactly what's going to happen and I truly feel that it helps give them structure. With that being said, we've obviously had to change our schedule up a bit with them being out of school. Right now, we're still doing study time, scheduled meals, play time, and chores. I rounded up 15 of my top activities to do with your children at home, as well as a look at what our schedule looks like.


Monday, March 16, 2020


DRESS: Red Dress // HAT: Gigi Pip // GLASSES: Velvet Eyewear 

Our family has decided to LIMIT as much time as we possibly can outside or in public spaces. We won't be going out unless we HAVE to. We decided to do this because we're aware that COVID-19 has spread very quickly and will CONTINUE to. We haven't seen my grandparents in a couple of weeks and will continue distancing ourselves because up until a few days ago, our family has been traveling and going out. Children can carry the virus without any signs and therefore can pass it onto other family members. 

Anyways, enough about that! Since we will be home for awhile, there are some goals and things I've been wanting to do for my blog for awhile and now it the perfect time to work on those things. If you're a blogger too or wanting to start a blog, utilize this time. Binge watching Netflix or laying around isn't going to really help improve yourself or your work. There are so many productive things you can do right at home. 

Here is a list of influencer things I want to do! 

1) Maximize on Pinterest! 
I want to learn how to master tailwind, create more pins, organize my boards, and take classes on how to utilize the platform 

2) Write blog posts that are educational and helpful for moms and families! 
This week I'll be working on my travel post, particularly a post on tips when traveling with children, how a strict schedule helps us function, and more. I understand that people aren't traveling right now but when we're all able to in the future, these post will be useful. 

3) Create more IGTV!
 Videos and IGTV is where it's at! I personally love watching videos and want to work on creating more for y'all. Videos like my skincare routine, hair tutorial, how to style this top 5 different ways, ect. 

4) Organize my expenses and budget! 
I've been keeping up with filing my expenses these past 3 months but I want to organize it more. I want to start giving myself a work, personal, and travel budget. If you haven't file your taxes, use this time to get everything in order. 

5) Reaching out to brands and companies that I've been dreaming of working with! 
I'm not sure if work will slow down or get busier but putting my name in someone's email will give me a better chance to potentially working with them. 

6) Organize all my gifted products and clothes! 
Right now, I have a hallway of all of my gifted products and it's not organized at all. I want to order some garage shelves and bins online and start putting everything in order. I want to organize my closet and see what I want to keep and what I want to sell/donate. 

7) Connect and support with other bloggers and women on Instagram! 
I want to be more active on social media and find new bloggers and women to follow and support. I want to take time and share comments that are meaningful, not generic ones. 

8) Create unique videos on TikTok!
TikTok is like any other platform, you have to work hard to create fun and unique content daily to share. I need to figure out what it is that I want to share and work on creating that content. 

9) Redesign my website! 
I've been wanting to redesign my website for over 6 months but haven't had much time to do it. I'm currently on blogger and would love to get switched over to Wordpress. I can take this time to find a web designer to make my visions come to life. 

10) Learn how to take and edit photographs and video! 
When it comes to taking and editing photos, I'd say that I know the basics of it. I want to learn how to take that photo or video to the next level. How do I make that photo really look professional? What poses can I change up? How can I take more lifestyle pictures? Ect. 

Please share any blogging goals y'all have!!


*Photos by Arzu Photography 

Thursday, March 12, 2020




I'm in love with these spring pieces that I ordered from Petal & Pup. I've been seeing their pieces everywhere and when I looked at their selection online, I wanted EVERYTHING!! They carry pieces that are more chic, feminine, and edgy. They even carry pieces that are so pretty for bridal parties! I shared my first IGTV with a try on from their pieces but wanted to round up all the details and links for y'all to see. I ordered everything in a 4 or "small" and it all fit true to size. All of my pieces are great quality too! I'm especially in love with this top because it's something out of my norm and it fitted so well. This dress is absolutely darling and easy because for an everyday spring look. 


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