Wednesday, December 4, 2019


We’re SO excited to be back in Colorado! We haven’t all been back in about 2 years. It’s crazy to think that Tommy, Liam, and I lived there the first 3 years of our lives. Colorado is beautiful but home will forever be in Houston. We’re going to Vail for some skiing, snow tubing, and to let the kids enjoy the snow. This is also Easton’s first flight EVER! There’s only so much we can learn from books. I believe that one of the best gifts I can give my children is being able to show them the world. 

I received a lot of questions about what to pack for a snow trip so I organized it all based on Adults, Children, and others. 


WATERPROOF JACKET:I got these coats for the boys here. They’re going to be using them for skiing and during the nights

REGULAR COAT: I got these coats for under $50 and there super warm and thick

SKI SUIT: I ordered these off of Amazon and they’re really thick

WATERPROOF GLOVES: I ordered these waterproof/snow proof gloves off Amazon. We tried them out yesterday and they boys were able play in the snow for about 2 hours before their hands got a bit cold. 

WATERPROOF SHOES: We aren’t going skiing again for the rest of the season so I didn’t want to spend over $100 on shoes. These have been amazing on the boys so far and have great reviews! 

THICK SOCKS: Normal ankle socks do not cut it in Colorado. We already had a few socks but I ordered more. These are thick and stay on their feet.

THERMAL TOP AND PANTS:I honestly grabbed some thermals and skinny joggers from Old Navy/Gap for the kids to wear underneath their pants. here and here

BEANIE:All of the kids beanies are from Gap. Liam and Easton are skiing so we got some that would cover their ears. here and here.

SWEATERS:Liam is wearing sweaters from last year and Easton got a couple from Gap

JEANS: We’re bringing jeans that they already own and are putting the skinny joggers under for warmth

JOGGERS: These joggers are AMAZING! The entire inside is lined with the faux sherling material. So it’ll keep them so warm


BUNTING: If you’re bringing a baby, I highly suggest getting a bunting. Ours isn’t waterproof but we also got Chloe a snow suit from my cousin and a waterproof jacket from Zara. 

SHOES: We’re confident that Chloe isn’t going to want to dive into the snow so we got her baby UGGS. They make this waterproof/snow resistant spray and it works so well! The baby ones aren’t waterproof, so you do need to buy the spray. It’s only $10.

Here's this snowsuit that I found online. 


HAND AND FOOT WARMERSWe bought a couple packs of these because your hands and ears freeze!!!

IBRUPROFEN & ADVIL:For emergencies

LOTION:The air is extremely dry in Colorado so we packed some lotion 

CHAPSTICK:Chapstick is a MUST!! Your lips will literally crack because it easily dries up. 


I’m personally not skiing because I’d much rather go tubing, cozy up in the hotel, and go ice skating. My sister is going skiing and she is using things from friends or Colombia that she got years ago. If you’re looking to see what to pack for yourself if you’re going skiing, it’s everything listed in the kids section + ski pants. 

I hope this helps when you're packing for your next winter adventure! 

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