Wednesday, September 11, 2019


*This post has been sponsored by Aveeno® Baby. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

When I had my babies, I never thought about the chances of them having sensitive skin, eczema, or dry rashes. Somehow, both of my children suffered from both of those tings and to be honest I felt helpless. The first few months were hard because of the huge eczema rashes that they would get. 

I started using Aveeno® Baby products years ago because of their natural ingredients and I appreciated that they specifically made products for sensitive baby skin. I use the 168 ct of Aveeno® Baby Sensitive All Over Wipes, which features three 56 ct. (You can learn more about this product here) on Chloe and have loved the durability, thickness, the multiple uses of them, and how it's easy to reseal to maintain moisture. As moms, we all know how often our babies need diaper changes. Since Chloe and I are always on the go, it's great for quick diaper changes in our car, in restaurants, at my mom's house and pretty much everywhere. Most of the time, one wipe gets he job done too! You can also try New Aveeno® Baby Sensitive All Over Wipes at Target. 

You can use the wipes for everyday diaper changes, on your baby's face and hands, and for accidental spills. You can purchase Aveeno® Baby Sensitive All Over Wipes at your local Target. 

Aveeno® Baby has expanded beyond the products you know and love to offer solutions for diapering needs. Have you ever asked yourself why you weren't brining baby wipes with you everywhere you went before you had children? I use them every day outside of the house and can't image how I lived my life without wipes constantly in my purse. 

A few tips that were recommended to me by my friends and pediatrician when it came to managing sensitive baby skin is to keep their skin moisturized, don't bathe them frequently, since water tends to dry out skin even more, use unscented products, and use products that are hypoallergenic. 

It was very important to me to use baby products that are made from natural ingredients to avoid any breakouts. Aveeno® Baby Sensitive All Over Wipes are 99% naturally derived formula enriched with natural oats and aloe. The wipes gently cleanses and leaves Chloe's skin feeling moisturized. The wipes are hypoallergenic, free from paragons, and are fragrance and alcohol free. 

We're working on planting a couple of plants in our backyard, so we went to our local nursery last week. I knew it would be a fun thing for Chloe and I to do. Chloe is constantly getting into everything! Liam was one of those babies that wouldn't even dare to touch dirt or anything dirty. Chloe, on the other hand, gets her hand into everything. She puts her hands in the dirt, pulls flowers out of their pots, and make a huge mess. 

Sometimes these sweet little moments you think you will have with your children don't exactly turn out the way you pictured in your head. That's okay though because it's about making the best of that moment. I enjoyed picking out plants and Chloe enjoyed getting into everything. It was a win-win for both of us. She was covered in dirt by the end of it but thankfully, I was able to easily wipe her down. 

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