Monday, April 1, 2019



I know this post is a few day late but I was on vacation during my birthday and wanted to try my best to be in vacation mode. With blogging, I'm working every single day, even on vacations. Every year that passes, I dread turning a year older. I'm not sure why because I know I'm still young. Turning 26 officially made me in the "high 20's". Even though I wasn't excited about turning 26, I do have a lot to look forward to this year with my work and personal life. I learn more every year and try to grow from my mistakes. Anyways, I haven't done this in awhile so I thought it would be fun to share some random things you may not know about me. 

1) Don't hate me for this.... I don't do animals. I grew up with my mom telling me to not touch animals because they're dirty and they'll bite you and that will forever stick. I won't take Liam to the petting zoo nor will I get a dog/cat. 

2) We're done having children. Our plan with children was to always have at least one of each, lol. Luckily, we got one of each in two tries. 

3) I'm going to be living in Kileen half of the summer. Tommy is stationed at Fort Hood so we'll be traveling back and forth. Houston is where I want our children to go to school and because Liam is starting Pre-K in the fall, I want to try my best to stick to that plan. 

4) I hate cheese. 

5) I'm a horrible Starbucks addict. I don't drink coffee from anywhere else. I'll wake up and drive to starbucks to get my drink and then lay back on my bed.

6) I've only left the country once, to Vietnam. 

7) I always knew I wanted to have children early on but want my children to wait until they're at least 26/27. 

8) I live for horror movies. 

9) I have a very very short fuse. 

10) I'm awkward when meeting new people. 

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