Monday, April 8, 2019


Liam and I have been on 3 Disney trips together and I've loved every single one of them. This trip in particular was harder than most since I didn't really have any help with me. Who knew dealing with a toddler at Disneyland was difficult. Between Liam wanting every toy out there and trying to stand patiently in lines for over 45 minutes it was a little hard. We had a few cries and whines during our time at Disneyland but we still had a magical time. Disneyland/Disneyworld is by far one of my favorite places in the world. As soon as I walk through the gates, it's pure happiness. 

I decided at the beginning of this year that Liam and I were going to take a trip by ourselves. If you have 2+ children, you can probably understand how hard it is to share your time and attention. He has been such a caring and helpful big brother towards Chloe. He's patient and understanding most of the time when I have to take care of Chloe versus playing with him. I've missed our alone time so much and knew that I wouldn't full get his attention unless we were away together. The first month that Chloe was born, I would hold Liam tight at night and just bawl my eyes out because I missed him so much. We were all at home, but giving him undivided attention wasn't possibly with a baby. No, we didn't have to go to Disneyland, we could have gone somewhere near by but this place has a special place in our hearts so why not?! 

This boy was in pure heaven at Disneyland. As soon as we got there, there was a parade and Liam was waving at every single character. He loved riding all the rides and eating all the sugary sweets. When you're at Disney, that "healthy" diet goes out the door, lol. We both visited Minnie, Mickey, and Goofy's house for the first time and Liam to this day won't stop talking about it. We're going back next month (with Chloe) and I know Liam's going to be just as happy. 

 I sent Tommy the picture of Liam holding cotton candy and he said that Liam has the world in his pockets. Tommy and I both work incredibly hard to give our children the world. I didn't grow up traveling and I felt that I missed out on a lot. With my children, all I want to do is travel and show them the world. We may be going to same places over and over but it's a new experience each time. 

I started taking Liam to Disney at 1 but to be completely honest, I don't think he got it until he was about 2 1/2. Liam still talks about his trip to Disneyworld when he was two and it amazes me how much he can remember. 

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