Thursday, February 28, 2019


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pantene. The opinions and text are all mine.

A woman’s hair can make or break her day. Was it just me or were your bad hair days always on an important days? My hair never seemed to function during family pictures, date nights, weddings, or on the weekend. To be honest, I’ve had one too many bad hair days since having children. No one ever told me about the post partum effects on your hair. During pregnancy, my hair was growing and glowing. After pregnancy, my hair was literally falling and thinning out 10x faster than normal. In the past 3 years I’ve gone through 2 phases of “let’s just chop it”. There was a point where my hair was always tangled because it was dried up and the split ends were horrendous. I personally prefer long hair. Always have, always will. It makes me feel confident and there are so many ways to style it. It also requires a lot of maintenance. The battle to constantly make it look healthy, shiny and groomed is a struggle because we all know how easy it is for long hair to look like a dried up mop. 

In the past 6 months, I’ve gone through 3 different brands of shampoo and conditioners. When I was asked to try out the Pantene 14 Day Challenge, I immediately said “YES”. I grew up using Pantene products but haven’t tried it to revive my thin and flat hair. I tried Pantene’s Sheer Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. The collection is silicone-free, clinically-tested, and helps prevent oxidative damage. My hopes were that my hair would feel healthy, look shiny, and have natural volume after 14 days. 

After the first 3 days, I could already tell that my hair felt cleaner and lighter. I was on track to having more great hair days. On day 7, I styled my hair and DIDN’T apply any hairspray or volume sprays. My hair already had a natural volume boost and I couldn’t be happier. If you have thin straight hair, you know how difficult it is to have natural volume. Our oils weigh our hair down and there isn’t much you can do about it. To already be able to see a volume lift within a week, was enough for me. I was really looking forward to the results on day 14. Before I took the Pantene 14 Day Challenge I was planning on scheduling an appointment with my hairstylist to cut 4-6 inches off. I would decide after the challenge whether or not I would keep my long locks. I’m so happy to say that “I’m not chopping off my hair”. My hair after 14 days feels healthy, full, light, and most importantly has volume. The results went beyond my expectations. A lot of my work requires being behind a camera and to feel confident about thousands of people watching me really makes working easier and more fun. Having more great hair days has helped me feel more confident and stress free. If you’re looking for natural volume like I was, I encourage you try the Pantene Sheer Volume Collection, they have a great deal on this duo at Walmart. Just looking for a conditioner? Click here for the large sized conditioner pump. 

When choosing a way to style my hair, 99% of the time I choose to curl it because it helps my hair look fuller and thicker. I no longer need to curl my hair to add volume. There are so many other hairstyles that I’ve been wanting to try and now I have the confidence to do so. Here are 3 easy hairstyles that you can create this spring after trying out the Pantene 14 Day Challenge. There will be more great hair days for me this year! 


STEP 1: Tie the top half of your hair into a small pony tail
STEP 2: Grab a pretty handkerchief and tie a knot on your pony tail 

STEP 1: Section your hair into 3 (a small section on your left and right near your face, and a middle pony tail)
STEP 2: Tie your ponytail in the back
STEP 3: With your left and right pieces, twist and turn towards the back of your hair and crisscross them above your ponytail. 
STEP 4: Tie another elastic band around all 3 sections  

STEP 1: Create two small sections of hair on the left and front 
STEP 2: Twist both pieces back and tie with an elastic band
STEP 3: Braid the pony tail 
STEP 4: Make the braid messy to create a fuller braid

Thank you so much for reading! 


*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pantene. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019


DRESS: Spearmint // SHOES: Freshly Picked

This post is a little late because 1) I didn't realize Chloe was 6 months until that afternoon #momfail and 2) Life has been busy with Tommy back so yeah, lol. The "baby" (4ish months-1 1/2 years) phase is my favorite stage! I'm not a big fan of the newborn phase because they're so fragile and constantly waking up in the middle of the night to see if they're still breathing isn't fun. Chloe has changed significantly in the last 6 months. She has such a big personality and reminds me so much of myself. When I had Chloe, I thought she was going to be just like Liam, as far as personality and growth. She couldn't be more opposite. I say this in the most caring and loving way but Chloe is not chill, easy, or calm. Liam was such an easy baby. He tended to himself, rarely cried, and was just the sweetest little momma's boy. Chloe constantly needs attention, requires to be held 24/7, and yells when she doesn't have her way, lol. I love her so much but I was in shock when her personality wasn't like Liam's. Just thought I'd mention that for any mom's out there expecting their second! Anyways, I'm going to break down Chloe's 6 months by the milestones she has reached, what she loves/hates, and her sassy little personality so that I can look back and remember how she was at this age. 

  • 2 1/2 months: was practically holding her head up (once a baby can hold her/his head up, it's life changing)
  • 4 months: turning her body (she couldn't quite roll over but was half way there)
  • 4 months: her first taste of food. It was bananas
  • 4 1/2 months: her legs were standing firm
  • 5 months: rolling over completely 
  • 6 months: sitting for a few seconds 

Things that she loves...
  • Eating avocados and drinking milk
  • Liam's toys (the fighting over toys has already begun). Chloe will scream bloody murder every time her toy drops.
  • Sleeping in her magic merlin. Chloe will NOT sleep without it. I have no idea how I'm going to transition her out)
  • Sitting up and rocking in her 4moms (ever since Chloe was 2 months laying flat down was not an option
  • Playing with Liam (she loves being right next to Liam. Every morning they wake up and start talking to each other. They're my alarm clock). 
  • Dancing with Mommy, Daddy, and Liam. 
  • Taking baths with my brother.
Things that she hates..
  • Sleeping in her bassinet. Chloe sleeps in her own bed 95% of the time but hates when she's not able to see me. I have to put her in a deep sleep and then set her down
  • Being fed too slow. Yes, my child yells at me when the food isn't being fed fast enough
  • Being hugged and snuggled. Chloe gets overwhelmed quickly and needs her space
  • Being left alone. Again, she needs constant attention
How Chloe is...
  • I would love to sit her and say that Chloe is the sweetest loving baby but that would be exaggerating, lol. Yes, she is loving but only towards me and her brother. She doesn't let ANYONE else hold her.
  • At mercy 5 months old, this little girl has learned to yell at me when her toy falls or when she's hungry. When I say "yell", I mean it. 
  • Even though she isn't a cuddle, she loves being held by me
  • She smiles and laughs ALL THE TIME. She is such a happy baby and I will never get over her sweet little smile.
  • She is a strong little girl. Having a big brother means you need to be tough. I know she'll be a fighter as she gets older. 

Chloe is growing so fast and I'm excited for all of her future accomplishments. I don't plan on having any more children so I'm soaking up every moment of watching her grow. 

Thank you so much for reading!


*Photos by Arzu Photography 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


New York is by far my most most beloved city to travel too. It's a city filled with culture, fashion, delicious authentic food, love, and adventure. Ever since I started blogging, one of my goals was to attend NYFW. Every year something always came up but I committed myself to attend this past January and it's an experience that I'll never forget. To be completely honest, going to NYFW was nothing like I expected. I thought it was going to be an episode of Gossip Girl, but it's not. Going to NYFW required days of planning and organizing. We spent most of our days running from meeting to meeting missing every single meal of the day. There was one day where I had only eaten 3 slices of bread and two cups of coffee! I met with people that I've worked with in the past and it's so nice to be able to meet someone in person. I was able to get to know women that I've worked with personally and discuss future partnerships. We also knew that we wanted to explore New York so we set times and plans for tourist things like going to a broadway show or eating at Joe's Pizza. Travel is always a little stressful for me because I never know where to stay, eat, or what to do. I rounded up a very easy travel guide and also my experience on staying at Innside By Melia

LOCATION: When we were looking for hotels, we knew we needed to stay somewhere that was central to all of our meeting locations. Innside By Melia is located in NoMad and in the center of the Flatiron Building, Chelsea Market, and Empire State Building. It was also a few blocks away from our meeting spots and the cutest coffee shop; Maman. 

LOBBY AND ROOM: My first thoughts about the hotel was that it was modern and refreshing. I know refreshing is a strange word to describe a hotel but it really was. The lobby was very open and there was greenery throughout the floors. It had almost of a coffee shop feel to it. We stayed on the 19th floor and our room was the deluxe double. The hotel welcomed us with wine and snacks. Our  room fit 4 bloggers and all of our luggages! We had a decent amount too. Our view looked over the city and it was BEAUTIFUL. We were also able to go to the rooftop to overlook the city and its a view not everyone gets to experience. 

FOOD AND DRINKS: After hours of traveling and an hour taxi ride, we were starving! We grabbed food at The Wilson which is conveniently located inside of the hotel. It's a great spot for lunch, dinner, and drinks. There's also a downstairs/underground bar! The wall art work was made of greenery and we actually used the space to change into our New York ready outfits while we waited for our room. 


Maman: This coffee shop is darling and perfect for coffee and breakfast. I had the bacon avocado breakfast sandwich and it was THE BEST sandwich I've ever had. They also sell "Oprah's favorite cookie" too. 

Old Rose: I saw this restaurant online and it's such an instagramable spot. We went here for dinner and the food was delicious. They serve Italian dishes and even breakfast and lunch. It's a little more on the expensive side though. 

Joe's Pizza: There was a night that we went out for drinks and ended up at Joe's Pizza. The pizza is quick, cheap, and delicious! I didn't realize it was a famous spot until after the trip. 

Laduree: Macaroons are life! I've always wanted to try a Laduree macaroon and they were just as delicious as I thought they'd be. 

See the Flatiron Building and walk around: Besides Time Square, this is another area of New York that you should walk around and take it all in. It's a scenic to do thing but worth the trip.

Walk around Time Square and see a broadway show: Time Square is everything you thought it would be. Super busy, super bright, and people everywhere! We saw Pretty Woman and I loved it!! I didn't think I'd enjoy a musical but enjoyed it so much. I'd pay to see it again.  

Breakfast at The Plaza: We ate here our last day and it was more for the experience than the food to be honest. Underground, there is a huge area to shop and try all different types of food. This is where I was able to visit Laduree. 

Walk around Central Park: The park in the winter time isn't the prettiest but it's a NY must do. Bring comfy shoes and warm clothes because the park is huge and freezing during the winter.  

Eat at a random restaurant: I did this on my last trip to NY and enjoyed being able to randomly walk into a pizza, bakery, or cafe to eat. I've never had a bad meal in NY.

I hope this has help for your plans to visit New York! I have a lot of travel plans this year and am excited to share my first one of 2019 with everyone!!


Thursday, February 14, 2019


DENIM JACKET: Stage // DRESS: Stage // SHOES: Stage 

DENIM JACKET: Stage // DRESS: Stage 

DENIM JACKET: Stage // SHIRT: Stage (sold out, similar here) // BOTTOMS: Stage 

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to share that I'm taking over Stage's Instagram stories and did a guest post with them on their blog. One goal that I had this year for my blog was to share outfits that consisted of the same piece. I know it's not ideal to go out and buy a brand new outfit everyday. When I was in college, I remember putting over 20 outfits together with less than 10 items. I'm teaming up with Stage to share a staple piece that I didn't own up until now; a denim jacket. A denim jacket is a classic clothing piece and I have no idea why I didn't own one before. I'm sharing tips to create a winter, casual, and spring transition with the same denim jacket. 

I’m constantly on the go and opt in for casual everyday wear most days of the week. The first outfit that came into my mind was one that I can wear every day. When I picked up the gray romper, I swore it was a dress. When I found out that it was a romper, I had to bring it home. When you have two children and they both want to be constantly held, rompers are a lifesaver. Add a pair of white sneakers and you’re set. The denim jacket helps dress the outfit up. This outfit is the epiphany of a casual wear. I’ve worn similar outfits like this for years and it never gets old. You probably have at least one of these pieces in your closet already, if not all.

It’s still chilly here in Houston so the second outfit is one that you can wear now. Denim jackets can be layered underneath and over. If it’s really cold, throw a long length sherpa coat over your denim jacket and layer underneath with a sweater. I wore this red button up and black jeans for an edgier look. Denim on denim is very trendy but it’s a little hard to style because you have to get the denim colors just right. I personally love a blue denim jacket with black jean combo. Mainly because most tops will look great with the two; a plain camisole, sweaters, t- shirts, and button ups. 

My last outfit is for transitioning into spring. Spring arrive next month and I’m sure a few of us have already ordered a few floral dresses. Instead of waiting for the weather to warm up to wear your new pieces, throw on your denim jacket. It completes the outfit and ties well together. That’s why a denim jacket is a staple piece, you can wear it during multiple seasons. A teddy coat for instance can’t be thrown over a floral midi dress, your outfit would look like two different seasons. This last style tip is super easy; throw your denim jacket over your spring dress, romper, or jumpsuit. That’s it, There’s nothing else to it. 

Denim jackets are versatile and get better with time. The jackets that I borrow from my sister are 8+ years old. They’ve loosen in the shoulders to fit and the fabric has gotten softer. Now that I finally have my own, I can always bring it with me. 

Thank you so much for reading along. I hope my tips have helped you style the perfect outfit. 


Wednesday, February 13, 2019


SWEATER: Topshop // BOTTOMS: 1 State // COAT: Topshop // SHOES: M Gemi 

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry that I've been absent on the blog. Life and work has been so crazy. I had a lot of work and baby training to do before my trip to New York, my NYFW week was super busy, and of course, as soon as I came home, there were a billion things to do on my to do list. It's currently 1:30am but that's okay because I'm going to finish this blog post tonight. 

When I decided that I was going to go to NYFW, I was anxious and excited. The first thing that came across my mind was "what am I going to wear?". I knew I had to ditch my usual sweater, jeans, and over the knee outfits. I started googling winter trends, NYFW outfits, and went crazy on pinterest. There were tons of crazy outfits out there but I still wanted to be "me". I choose and style items that I would and could wear in Houston. Plaid and neutrals was what most of my outfits consisted of. Plaid printed coats was a huge trend and one that I really liked. Pairing neutrals is so easy for me because you can't really go wrong with it. I choose white and tan tones for this outfit and the coat helped tie it all in. It's fun to break away from the normal and comfortable outfits and try something new. I personally loved how this outfit came out and it's something I'd wear in Houston. 

I have tons of outfits to share with yall before spring arrives. I know most of yall are shopping for spring but I also know that a handful of yall live in places where it snows until April. I'll be sharing both for the remaining of the month so stay tuned! 

Thank you so much for reading! 

Thursday, February 7, 2019


JUMPSUIT: VICI (20% off with code: ANNIE20) // SHOES: Keds // BAG: VICI // LUGGAGE: BRIC

NYFW is finally here! I have so many mixed feelings. I’m extremely excited to be back in New York and attend my first NYFW but I’ve also never been away from Liam and Chloe for longer than a day.  I know it’ll be good for me to get a break though. I’m going to be here for 4 days and plan on sharing a lot of winter outfits with yall. The very first outfit would be my travel outfit. I ALWAYS try to stay comfortable when traveling. Instead of wearing my usual sweats and old college t shirts, I found this jumpsuit that I LOVE. It's the perfect lounge wear. 

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to go ahead and share what I packed for my trip. I packed last night and I couldn't believe all the things that I was able to fit in this luggage. 


*Photos by Banavenue 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


OUTFIT 1: DRESS: Revolve // SHOES: M Gemi // OUTFIT 2: TOP: Shop The Mint // BOTTOMS: AG // SHOES: M Gemi // Liam- TOP: Janie & Jack // BOTTOMS: Crewcuts // Chloe- DRESS: Gymboree 

Valentines Day is right around the corner and I've never been more excited about it. If you told me that I would enjoy making valentine crafts and getting confetti all over the floor 5 years ago, I would have said "NEVER". Fast forward to today and I couldn't be happier about helping Liam put macaroni on a foam shape bear. 

When I was growing up, Valentines Day wasn't a holiday that I look forward to. I remember sitting at home wishing I was on a date. I thought Valentines Day was about having a boyfriend and it isn't. It's about having people in your life that you care and love. I hope that I can show Liam how to appreciate his friendships and family early on, so that he won't be a single teenager that sits at home on Valentines Day wishing there was a girl besides him. Liam will have his first school valentines party this year and I'm pretty sure I'm more excited than he is. We're making little crafts that we bought from Krogers that he'll be gifting to his teachers and friends. I hope that this is a good first step on teaching him appreciation and kindness. 

I'm extremely thankful for these gorgeous women and all their little babies. Blogging is already a hard career choice. Having their support and friendship means everything. I know it also meaningful to Liam because he always talks and looks forward to his playdates with everyone. We're heading to New York tomorrow and I know that there will be tons of girls and family trips with them this year. 

Thank you so much for reading!



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