Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Waxing isn’t a topic that women typically like to talk about to others because we’re talking about hair in places that we wish weren’t there, like our legs or underarms. I’m changing that today because I’m share my life changing (not even exaggerating) experience with Waxing The City. I had my first appointment almost two months ago and I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve only ever gotten my eyebrows waxed at a local nail salon. When I booked my appointment, I saw that there were a huge range of services. They offer waxing for eyebrows, full face, arms, legs, neck, and basically every where your body grows hair. I noticed that they offered eyebrow tinting so I thought I’d try it out. I went in for eyebrow shaping, upper lip, underarm, and the tint. 

During my appointment, I had my own private room and the environment was very relaxing. My Cerologist asked me what I was looking for, my pain tolerance, and even informed me of the type of wax they used; Ceranaranja. She told me that the wax would easily remove my hair without causing too much discomfort. I didn’t really believe her at first because I’m usually in tears after they rip off the wax. I can honestly tell you that when she pulled off the wax, I barely felt any pain. On a scale of 1-10, I would say it was a 2. I was in shock and even asked if hair was pulled out! I never really thought about waxing my underarms but after finally doing it, I’ll never go back to razors. My underarms were completely hairless, clean, and smooth. I didn’t have to get them waxed again for over a month and the hair grew back a lot thinner. I highly recommend giving it a try. After I had my eyebrow shaping, I had my eyebrows tinted. I was nervous at first because I was afraid that they would come out too dark. The eyebrows came out to a more dark natural color which I really liked. It lasted about 2 ½ weeks for me.

I was genuinely happy with my first appointment and have had two other appointments since. I’ve even taken my 16 year old cousin to get her brows shaped because they offer a tween brow service as well. She came out of her appointment having the same experience as I did.
If you haven’t tried out Waxing The City, you should! You can receive 50% off your first appointment! 

Please let me know if yall have any questions or how your first appointment goes!!


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