Wednesday, November 14, 2018


FOUNDATION: Make Up Forever // BLUSH: NARS // HIGHLIGHTER: Bobbi Brown // PRIMER: Benefit // MASCARA: Lancome // EYESHADOW: Tarte 

This month has by far been the busiest month of my entire blogging career. I’m incredibly thankful to be working with so many great brands and companies. Between raising two children by myself, blogging, and having a personal life, my hands are extremely full. I’ve even had to hire my cousin as my assistant to help with social media!

Today, I’m excited to team up with Catalog on their official press release! Catalog is a website that brings brands and influencers together and helps influencers create new content. When I was first informed about how they would create product images specifically for me, I was in shock. The process is so simple that I didn’t believe it at first. 

With Catalog, you’re able to tell them specifically which products you need shot and the aesthetic you’re needing. You send your products to Catalog (so they can shoot it) and the rest is in their hands. With beauty product, I prefer flatlay shots. Flatlays are something that I’m horrible at. I love seeing them on Instagram and Pinterest but my images are never up to par. For my first content creation with Catalog, I asked for a fall inspired flatlay with the products. My feed in filled with fall content right now so I want the images to blend, while being unique at the same time. With October being so busy, having someone create amazing content that is similar to my aesthetic has saved me so much time. Most importantly, I can finally share details with everyone! 

What I really think is incredible about Catalog is that they strive to help provide consistent work. Unless you’re a blogger or are friends with one, you might not know how inconsistent this career is. I have gone several weeks without a single partnership or collaboration before and it honestly sucks. Blogging is my way of bringing in money for my family. I’m extremely thankful that I’m able to have a job I love while staying at home to raise my children. At the same time, can you imagine how stressful it is to go from bringing in X amount of dollars one month to zero dollars or half of your usual the next? My husbands provides for the whole family, but I still want to be able to help where I can financially. Catalog helps prevent that inconsistency and partners content creators with amazing brands. 

There’s so much work that goes into blogging. It isn’t just putting on clothes and taking iphone photos. We work hard on creating fresh content everyday, engaging with readers, writing blog post that are informative and helpful, finding the right brands to work with, taking family photos to help with inspiration, and so much more. With Catalog, they can provide consistent work and take some time off your hands by creating fresh content for you.

I’ve been meaning to share beauty products that I use everyday with everyone for forever. I’ve probably reminded myself to do it for it for over six months. Now that I have actual high quality images, I can do so. When it comes to make up and getting ready, I try to stick it to the bare minimum. I've been using this foundation for years and it works really well for me because it blends in and it doesn't reflect light. Which is perfect for taking pictures. Blush and Highlighters are always fun to play with because I don't think it's possible to go with a wrong color ( if you use the correct amount). My sister introduced this primer to me last year and it has been a must have product. My pores easily get clogged with dirt (I have to use a nose strip twice a week) so when I put foundation on, you can see the little dirty pores because I'm piling more junk in them. With the primer, it fills up the pores and smoothes out the surface. I've been using all of these products for over a year and swear by them.

Thank you so much for stopping by!


*Thank you Catalog for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own. 

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