Wednesday, May 16, 2018


SWIMSUIT: ASOS (on sale for $22, white version) // COVER UP: ASOS // BAG: Cult Gaia // BRACELET: David Yurman & David Yurman

Writing a bathing suit post was something I never thought I was going to do, especially when I wasn't in the best shape of my life. I'm not going to lie when I found out I was pregnant, I wasn't too excited about my body changes. The main reason for that was that two months prior to getting pregnant, I had planned out a new workout and diet routine to get my body into the best shape EVER! As I mentioned before, this pregnant was a wonderful surprise. So the news did come suddenly. 

In my first trimester, I didn't stop my workout routine, I did a less intense version of it (that my doctor approved of). After I was told I had a slight case of Placenta Previa, my lifestyle changed in an instance. I was bummed that I couldn't continue to stay in shape because I knew what was more important, keeping the baby healthy and safe.

 With Liam's pregnancy, I was working out up until 8 months and I feel that that was a big reason as to why my labor was easy and my recovery time was less than 2 weeks. Keeping your body healthy, regardless if that's diet or fitness is actually so beneficial. It isn't just about looking "good". 

I finally told myself, "you're only pregnant a few times in your life, enjoy everything you can about it because in 9 month's it'll all be over". This might be the last time I get pregnant because Tommy and I discussed that if this baby was a girl, it would be our last one. We'd have one of each. After getting over my ridiculous feeling of not being "in shape" with my second pregnant, I started to accept and enjoy the fact that I'm gonna have that Michelin Man body for the next couple of months. Reminding myself that nothing is more important than the health of my daughter overrules everything! My children will always come first and I'm willing to sacrifice everything, big or small. This summer, I'll be sport my big baby bump in this bikini, along with all my extra pudge with no cares in the world. It's important to feel positive about the changes your body goes through during pregnancy, because you're creating a real human being. The fact that women can do that is one of the most amazing miracles on this earth. Stay positive about all these changes and embrace them while you can because 9 months will past by sooner than you think. 

Sizing details: I'm wearing a US 4 in both my swimsuit and cover up. They both fit really well. If you're not pregnant, I recommend staying with your normal size. If you're expecting, I size up a size or 2 so it'll last longer for your growing belly. This swimsuit is not padded at all, it's like pulling up a body suit. There is a busty version here.

Thank you so much for reading! 


*Photos by Banavenue 

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