Tuesday, March 27, 2018


TOP: Chicwish // BOTTOMS: AG // SHOES: Marc Fisher (ordered these) // BAG: Cult Gaia // BAG TIE: J Crew (similar here) // EARRINGS: Kendra Scott // BRACELET: David Yurman & David Yurman // RING: David Yurman

You can't go wrong with a pretty white top, your favorite jeans, and a cute pair of cognac wedges. Spring has arrived in Houston for weeks now but it won't be long until summer hits. I'm going to be wearing these jeans as much as I can. I only have a few more weeks until this baby bump is going to make it impossible to fit into pants. When I got this top is the mail, I was super impressed with the details. I ordered two peplum tops from Chicwish and they are both so flattering. You all know that Chicwish is one of my favorite online shops. Their clothes are super affordable and the quality is always up to par. I'm thinking of ordering this top and this one soon! 

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*Photos by Banavenue

Monday, March 26, 2018

I'M TURNING 25!...

TOP: BCBGeneration (not online, similar here & I love this! ) // BOTTOMS: BCBGeneration // BAG: Cult Gaia // SHOES: Sole Society // EARRINGS: Baublebar // Liam- TOP: Gap // BOTTOMS: Janie & Jack // SHOES: Adidas 

Today, I turn 25. This day came a lot quicker than I expected. I'm not sure if I feel old or young still. What I do know if that this is still the beginning. I have so many goals to accomplish in the next 5 years. Those goals include growing my family, going to dental school, buying our first home, and finally having a place to settle. Our family has moved a lot since Liam was born, so I'm ready to settle down and build a place for our children to call home. A home where they will go to kindergarten and high school. Tommy does plan on being in the service for a long time, but we both agreed (currently) that we want a forever home somewhere in Houston. It's hard to believe that I've pretty much accomplished all the things I've dreamt of before 25. I always knew I wanted to be married in my early 20's and have my first baby. I didn't think much beyond that. Today, I thought it would be fun to share 25 random facts about myself that not everyone knows. So here we go!

1. I always saw myself as a girl mom. Since my first child was a boy, I've had a rather difficult time prepping mentally to be a girl mom. I know things will come together once our daughter is born.

2. I'm the oldest child, first grandchild, first neice, and first in my generation to get pregnant.

3. I'm not a big fan of America's most popular foods; cheese, pizza, and steak. 

4. I have 3 siblings, a mother, and a stepdad. My mom recently got married last year and I couldn't have asked for a better person for my mom to spend the rest of her life with.

5. I'm bilingual and it's very important to me that my children are as well. 

6. I can't do crying babies. As bad as it sounds, babies that cry constantly bother me....
Liam has never cried for longer than 2/3 minutes and 1/2 of that is due to luck, the other half is due to discipline. 

7. I'm 5'1 but I've always wished that I was 5'4/5'5.

8. I hate my nose. I was bullied in high school for how big my nostrils were. I wanted surgery for the longest time, but Tommy really showed me that I have nothing to change. 

9. I'm not that girl can has tons of BFFs and girlfriends. I've never been known as that super friendly or peppy girl. I'm not a "mean" person, I'm just not one of those girls you meet and think, "Wow, she's so nice and sweet". I'm very to myself. 

10. Don't judge me for this. I don't like dogs or cats. I find them so dirty and unsanitary. I lived with 2 huskies during college and their shedding always bothered me. Liam and Tommy love dogs so we do plan on getting a dog in the next few years. All I ask of Tommy is that he potty trains it and that he gets an automatic vacuum. 

11. I'm a huge germ freak. I carry hand sanitizer and baby wipes at all times. 

12. I was in a sorority in college. I absolutely loved the first 2 years but ended up dropping out because it was no longer for me.

13. Tommy and I went to high school together but never hung around the same crowd. We started talking during the summer our freshman year in college. 

14. Tommy and I had Liam's name picked up within 6 months of dating each other. Liam's name is such a common name now that it actually annoys us that other people named their kids  "OUR" kid's name, lol. 

15. I don't have a middle name. Tommy and Liam both have two middle names.

16. I haven't had my wedding yet. That is due to Tommy constantly deploying and to me delaying the wedding planning process because of how stressful it is. 

17. I'm Vietnamese for those of you wondering. I was born in California but my family originates from Hue, Vietnam.

18. I can't stand being alone. Whether it's a trip to the mall or a Monday at home. I always feel more comfortable with someone else being there with me. 

19.  New York City is my favorite place in the world. I got engaged there and have been dying to go back since. 

20. I didn't start traveling until I was about 19 years old. My mom wasn't big on traveling. I mean, she was a single mom raising 4 children. If I could even do 10% of what she did, I'd consider myself a good mom. My mom is incredible. 

21. I plan on going back to dental school recently because after being out in the real world, I couldn't find an occupation (besides being a mother and blogger) that I absolutely loved. I was originally going to school for dental, but changed my junior year. It's probably one of the biggest mistakes that I wish I could have taken back. Then again, it gave me a change to become a blogger and I'm thankful for that. 

22. I love blogging and it started off more as a hobby. 

23. I'm horrible at saving money.

24. I'm obsessed with Lucky Charms. I probably eat a bowl everyday.

25. Yall probably hear this all the time but I'm incredibly thankful for all of you guys. I'm thankful to have readers and kind people in the world that I've never met. If I didn't have readers, I wouldn't be at the place I am today. I love having a place to share my life and experiences. 

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018


ROMPER: Chicwish (love this one) // SHOES: Sam Edelman //  BAG: Gucci // EARRINGS: Kendra Scott // BRACELET: David Yurman & David Yurman // RING: David Yurman

I realized that I was sharing tons of outfits that only consisted of dresses so I decided to change it up a bit. Fair warning! As it gets hotter and this baby bump actually becomes a big bump, shorts and jeans are rarely going to be seen. I'm not particularly big on buy maternity clothes. I feel that they're expensive and I can easily get away with buying normal dresses to wear during and after birth.

 "Wrap" dresses were huge last year and the same trend is back this year and with new styles. I love that there are more styles this season. The flared and ruffle styled ones are my favorite. I found that this romper gives a wrap illusion but it's actually all connected and can be easily thrown on. The bow is actually detachable and it's probably why I prefer this romper over the wrap dresses I already own. With an actual "wrap dress", you have to pull it across your body and it fits strangely depending on your waist and bust size. This romper has so much going on; from the pattern to the bright yellow color. I knew it would pair best with a classic nude heel. 

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*Photos by Banavenue

Monday, March 19, 2018


DRESS: Leith (runs TTS) // SHOES: Sam Edelman (similar here) // BAG: Gucci // EARRINGS: Kendra Scott // BRACELET: David Yurman & David Yurman 

Today probably isn't the best Monday for most because school is back in session. Even though I don't start school until June, it was nice having my siblings back at home. We probably ate crawfish one to many times and went out a little too much. Liam loves being around his Aunts and Uncles and I'm so thankful for it. 

I wore this adorable pink dress twice last week and it's probably gonna be one of my go to pieces. I paired it with these nude heels for a simple and feminine look. The little ruffle details already give this dress a girly feel. To style it casually and more relaxed you can pair it with some sneakers and a denim jacket. These heels by the way are SOOO comfortable. I have the Steve Madden Carrson ones from last year and they don't compare to these. The heel is a little shorter but I love that it doesn't look like a itty bitty kitten heel. They run TTS and come in several colors. I'm thinking of getting the black ones next. 

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*Photos by Banavenue 

Friday, March 16, 2018


DRESS: Topshop (only $50, similar here) // SHOES: Marc Fisher // BAG: Gucci // Liam- TOP: Zara // BOTTOMS: Old Navy // SHOES: Vans // BOARD: Amazon

Happy Friday! Today is the day where our family shares the gender of our newest member to be. From the moment Tommy and I found out we were expecting another little baby, one of the first things on our minds were, I wonder if Liam's going to have a little brother or sister. I'm not going to hide anything, we were both DYING to have a little girl. One of each. Tommy and I always said that if we have one of each, we'd probably be done (done having babies), but if the second one was a boy, we'd shoot for the third baby to be a girl. A friend of mine had told me that there was a blood genetic test that I could get done at 10 weeks to find out the gender. The test itself isn't just to find out the gender, it's for down syndrome and other components as well. I looked into the test a little more and ask my doctor about it as well. It's not harmful to the baby at all! It's a simple little blood draw. We got it done around 12 weeks and found out 5 days later. I found out before Tommy and I couldn't wait to share the news with him and Liam. That following day, I went to Party City to grab a gender reveal balloon so we could have our little private reveal. We didn't have time to plan a party for our families and friends because Tommy was leaving for Korea two days after I found out. We went into the back yard and when Tommy popped the balloon, he didn't actually believe that we were having a girl, lol. He was so so happy about adding a little baby girl to our family. Liam of course was just happy to have balloons in the house. So yeah..WE'RE HAVING A GIRL!!!!! 

We thought we had a name picked up for awhile but Tommy and I just changed it. We are pretty sure the new name we chose is going to stick. I know Liam is anxiously waiting for his baby sister to arrive as well. Liam loves being around little babies, he's so sweet to them. Liam gives my belly kisses every night and has even asked to sleep next to his sister. Moment to cry. 5 more months until baby girl is here!

16 Week Checkup:
I had a 16 week check up earlier this week and everything went smoothly. I was nervous at first because I was still at negative 2 pounds from my starting weight. My doctor clarified that it was absolutely fine as long as I wasn't loosing weight from throwing up. The nurse took a little while to find a consistent heartbeat and I almost died when it happen. The nurse calmly explained that it was because the baby was EXTREMELY active and moving around a lot. The baby has a strong heartbeat and we will be getting an ultrasound in 3 weeks to view organs, size, and such. 

For my diet and daily routine, I'm actually very conscious of my weight and health during pregnancy. Despite what several people and even some of my family members think, it's very important to stay active and healthy during pregnancy (unless your doctor says otherwise). I try to work out at least 3 times a week. My workouts are low impact and low maintenance. As much fun as sitting in bed stuffing my face with oreos and chocolate sounds, it's not for me. I found out that I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Liam and learned how important it was to maintain a healthy diet. I continue to maintain a healthy diet for this pregnancy as well to prevent me from getting gestational diabetes again. My doctor supports my decisions and that's all the confirmation I need. 

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*Photos by Banavenue 


Monday, March 12, 2018


DRESS: Free People // SHOES: Marc Fisher (dupes here) // BAG: Cult Gaia // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker // BRACELET: David Yurman & David Yurman

Happy Monday! Spring break started for majority of Texas schools so the littles ones in my family are ready to enjoy this week. It's just another week for Liam and I. Spring Break is basically everyday for us, lol. We have plans to go out into the strawberry fields today and I'm so excited. Fruit picking is actually so cool to me. Yes, I know, I'm lame. We might go to Waco later this week to visit Magnolia market but it's still up in the air. What are everyone's plans for spring break (if it has already started for you)? 

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*Photos by Jenna Spark


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