Thursday, April 19, 2018


DRESS: Free People (more colors here) // SHOES: Sole Society (love these) // BAG: Sole Society // BRACELET: David Yurman & David Yurman // RING: David Yurman

Happy Thursday! I'm excited to be partnering with Sole Society today to share some must have accessaries for spring. 

Straw bags are the perfect handbag for spring because they're neutral, classic, and versatile. With straw bags, you can add a colored pom pom tassel or tie a cute handkerchief to spice up your entire outfit. When I saw this circular crossbody, I knew that I HAD to have it! Round bags are so popular this season. If you follow me on Instagram (@anniemescall), you probably noticed that I've worn this bag at least 5x a week. It's super affordable and comes in a rectangular and tote version too!

Now, to talk about my favorite accessary of all time....SHOES! A girl can never am too many shoes, am I right? During the warm seasons it's hard to catch me in shoes that aren't espadrilles. There are so many espadrille styles to choose from; platforms, flats, wedges, and sandals. They are so breathable, comfortable, and refreshing for spring. I've own these for over a year and I can wear them for 8+ hours! The two tone colors of these sandals was what made me gravitate towards them. (I sized down 1/2 a size and they fit perfectly). My mom and grandma are always getting onto me for wearing high wedges while I'm pregnant, so they definitely approved these flat sandals. The neutral colors makes them extremely easy to wear with just about anything. Yes, even black! I love mixing black and brown together. I know it's a big fashion "no, no", but you just have to tie all the neutral colors together. I dispersed the cognac with the black through the entire outfit to even out the tones. With these two essentials, you can make all your outfits fresh and spring ready! 

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*Thank you Sole Society for sponsoring this post. As always all opinions are my own.

Monday, April 16, 2018


DRESS: PinkBlush // SHOES: Treasure & Bond // BAG: Sole Society 

I officially have a "baby bump" everyone! I know my belly isn't that big right now, but it's definitely getting there. I'm 21 weeks today and I can't imagine how much bigger my bump will get in the next 4ish months. I do have to give this dress some credit for allowing my pregnancy bump to shine. Maxi dresses are so fun spirited and comfortable to wear during warmer weather. I ordered it from PinkBlush last week and I've seriously worn it three times already. I've worn PinkBlush pieces for over a year and what I love about their selection is that they carry pieces for women that are expecting and women that aren't. This dress surprising isn't apart of their maternity collection but it's super loose and perfect for a growing belly. (I'm wearing a small). I'd grab it fast because sizes are starting to get low! 

Our family was extremely busy last weekend. Thankfully, we were busy spending time with friends and family that were visiting out of town. My aunts house was so full. There were over 20 sleeping there this weekend. She probably had a party for 48 straight hours. Liam loves playing with other children (regardless if they are 1 or 12 years old). He stayed up until 3 am Saturday night! Please tell me how a 2 year old manages to stay up for 18 hours WITHOUT a nap?! We're getting back to our "schedule" today though. My schedule is somewhat unorganized, but I still like to keep my days similar for Liam. We have a lot to finish up this week before our trip down to San Antonio this weekend. Wish me luck! 

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*Photos by Lilly Beltran

*Thank you PinkBlush for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Thursday, April 12, 2018


TOP: Express (under $50) // SKIRT: Old (similar here) // SHOES: Sole Society // BAG: Gucci // BRACELET: David Yurman & David Yurman // RING: David Yurman

We took pictures of this outfit about a month ago and it's crazy to see how far my bump as come alone. My friend Lilly took some new outfit photos yesterday and I can guarantee that there are a few bump photo updates I'm excited to share with everyone! I know I'm a late bump bloomer but I feel as if this baby girl decided to grow within a span of two weeks because it would be a miracle to be able to put this skirt on right now. 

As yall may have noticed, this is my second gingham outfit post. I know gingham print has been around for years but for some reason I'm now discovering how fun and cute the print is. I absolutely love asymmetrical tops because it can turn something as simple as a ruffle top to a piece that has more flare. Plus, something about the cuts give it a designer feel. I paired my nude espadrille wedges and crossbody with this outfit to lighten up the outfit. I'm all for wearing black in the spring and to pair pieces with bright neutral accessaries brings more life to it. 

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*Photos by Banavenue 

Friday, April 6, 2018


^lol at this baby "bump. I was maybe 15 weeks and was pushing out as hard as I possibly could

DRESS: Moon River // SHOES: Sam Edelman // BAG: Gucci // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker // BRACELET: David Yurman & David Yurman // RING: David Yurman

Happy Friday! I feel like this week flew by so fast. Liam and I barely did anything this week and it was much needed. We've been so busy that it was nice to take a break, especially being 4 months pregnant. 

I have to say that people are so kind to pregnant women (not that people aren't kind in general). I'm probably asked "how are you feeling" at least twice a day and people are genuinely interested. I would have to say that currently, I'm a little tired, which is strange. At 12 weeks up until 19 weeks I was feeling absolutely normal. I had a lot of energy and went about my day normally. I started to become tired and wanting to stay home all day earlier this week. My bump started to show about 2/3 weeks ago and at this point, I already feel HUGE! I'm already having troubles sleeping on my side because of my belly. My diet has changed a little bit too. I'm still eating mostly healthy, but I have tons of sugar cravings. I have my testing for gestational diabetes in the next month or so, so I'm hoping to have it controlled asap! Besides that, I started to really feel baby C's kicks and punches two weeks ago and it's a feeling that I couldn't explain. It's one of those things you'd have to go through to understand. It's absolutely incredible and blissful. I'm constantly worry about her so when I need some reassurance, I slightly poke her to see if she'll kick back. So far, she's so active that I've wondering if she ever sleeps, lol. 

Anyways, I had to quickly share this outfit with everyone because I have a feeling that its going to sell out. AND it's like the only "bump" photo I currently have, lol. (Be expecting a lot of bump photos in the next couple of weeks up until August). When I first got this dress in, it was a little questionable. It reminded me of a Wizard of Oz/ House on the prairie sort of deal, lol. When I actually put on make up, and added heels, it completely changed my views. The dress fitted slightly snug on me, but in a very flattering way. I'm loving gingham dresses right now and this one is definitely a current favorite. (I'm wearing a small and I'm 5'1). 

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*Photos by Banavenue

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


DRESS: Free People // SHOES: Marc Fisher (have these too) // BAG: Cult Gaia 

I've noticed that smocked dresses and tops are crazy popular right now. I'm not going to lie, I forgot the word "smock" and had to google it. It's basically a tight stretchy bandaged fabric (like the top half of my dress). Smock styles are so flattering. It helps give shape without revealing all those areas that we don't want magnified. For most of my smock pieces, I choose not to wear a bra because I can easily get away with it and I find it a little more flattering. 

I've also been seeing a lot of smocked crop tops and if I wasn't pregnant I'd totally be wearing those. They look so cute with a simple pair of shorts or skirt. 

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*Photos by Banavenue 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


TOP: Chicwish // BOTTOMS: AG // SHOES: Marc Fisher (ordered these) // BAG: Cult Gaia // BAG TIE: J Crew (similar here) // EARRINGS: Kendra Scott // BRACELET: David Yurman & David Yurman // RING: David Yurman

You can't go wrong with a pretty white top, your favorite jeans, and a cute pair of cognac wedges. Spring has arrived in Houston for weeks now but it won't be long until summer hits. I'm going to be wearing these jeans as much as I can. I only have a few more weeks until this baby bump is going to make it impossible to fit into pants. When I got this top is the mail, I was super impressed with the details. I ordered two peplum tops from Chicwish and they are both so flattering. You all know that Chicwish is one of my favorite online shops. Their clothes are super affordable and the quality is always up to par. I'm thinking of ordering this top and this one soon! 

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*Photos by Banavenue

Monday, March 26, 2018

I'M TURNING 25!...

TOP: BCBGeneration (not online, similar here & I love this! ) // BOTTOMS: BCBGeneration // BAG: Cult Gaia // SHOES: Sole Society // EARRINGS: Baublebar // Liam- TOP: Gap // BOTTOMS: Janie & Jack // SHOES: Adidas 

Today, I turn 25. This day came a lot quicker than I expected. I'm not sure if I feel old or young still. What I do know if that this is still the beginning. I have so many goals to accomplish in the next 5 years. Those goals include growing my family, going to dental school, buying our first home, and finally having a place to settle. Our family has moved a lot since Liam was born, so I'm ready to settle down and build a place for our children to call home. A home where they will go to kindergarten and high school. Tommy does plan on being in the service for a long time, but we both agreed (currently) that we want a forever home somewhere in Houston. It's hard to believe that I've pretty much accomplished all the things I've dreamt of before 25. I always knew I wanted to be married in my early 20's and have my first baby. I didn't think much beyond that. Today, I thought it would be fun to share 25 random facts about myself that not everyone knows. So here we go!

1. I always saw myself as a girl mom. Since my first child was a boy, I've had a rather difficult time prepping mentally to be a girl mom. I know things will come together once our daughter is born.

2. I'm the oldest child, first grandchild, first neice, and first in my generation to get pregnant.

3. I'm not a big fan of America's most popular foods; cheese, pizza, and steak. 

4. I have 3 siblings, a mother, and a stepdad. My mom recently got married last year and I couldn't have asked for a better person for my mom to spend the rest of her life with.

5. I'm bilingual and it's very important to me that my children are as well. 

6. I can't do crying babies. As bad as it sounds, babies that cry constantly bother me....
Liam has never cried for longer than 2/3 minutes and 1/2 of that is due to luck, the other half is due to discipline. 

7. I'm 5'1 but I've always wished that I was 5'4/5'5.

8. I hate my nose. I was bullied in high school for how big my nostrils were. I wanted surgery for the longest time, but Tommy really showed me that I have nothing to change. 

9. I'm not that girl can has tons of BFFs and girlfriends. I've never been known as that super friendly or peppy girl. I'm not a "mean" person, I'm just not one of those girls you meet and think, "Wow, she's so nice and sweet". I'm very to myself. 

10. Don't judge me for this. I don't like dogs or cats. I find them so dirty and unsanitary. I lived with 2 huskies during college and their shedding always bothered me. Liam and Tommy love dogs so we do plan on getting a dog in the next few years. All I ask of Tommy is that he potty trains it and that he gets an automatic vacuum. 

11. I'm a huge germ freak. I carry hand sanitizer and baby wipes at all times. 

12. I was in a sorority in college. I absolutely loved the first 2 years but ended up dropping out because it was no longer for me.

13. Tommy and I went to high school together but never hung around the same crowd. We started talking during the summer our freshman year in college. 

14. Tommy and I had Liam's name picked up within 6 months of dating each other. Liam's name is such a common name now that it actually annoys us that other people named their kids  "OUR" kid's name, lol. 

15. I don't have a middle name. Tommy and Liam both have two middle names.

16. I haven't had my wedding yet. That is due to Tommy constantly deploying and to me delaying the wedding planning process because of how stressful it is. 

17. I'm Vietnamese for those of you wondering. I was born in California but my family originates from Hue, Vietnam.

18. I can't stand being alone. Whether it's a trip to the mall or a Monday at home. I always feel more comfortable with someone else being there with me. 

19.  New York City is my favorite place in the world. I got engaged there and have been dying to go back since. 

20. I didn't start traveling until I was about 19 years old. My mom wasn't big on traveling. I mean, she was a single mom raising 4 children. If I could even do 10% of what she did, I'd consider myself a good mom. My mom is incredible. 

21. I plan on going back to dental school recently because after being out in the real world, I couldn't find an occupation (besides being a mother and blogger) that I absolutely loved. I was originally going to school for dental, but changed my junior year. It's probably one of the biggest mistakes that I wish I could have taken back. Then again, it gave me a change to become a blogger and I'm thankful for that. 

22. I love blogging and it started off more as a hobby. 

23. I'm horrible at saving money.

24. I'm obsessed with Lucky Charms. I probably eat a bowl everyday.

25. Yall probably hear this all the time but I'm incredibly thankful for all of you guys. I'm thankful to have readers and kind people in the world that I've never met. If I didn't have readers, I wouldn't be at the place I am today. I love having a place to share my life and experiences. 

Thank you so much for reading! 


*Photos by Banavenue


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