Sunday, November 12, 2017


I asked everyone on Instagram stories if everyone would like to see my Sephora VIB picks. Over 80% of yall said YES so here you go! I own, love, and use 99% of these products. Everything marked in a snowflake are items that are on the top of my list. If you're not familiar with the VIB sale, it's a promotion going on through Monday and its 20% off EVERYTHING. Yes, even gift sets! If you're looking for Christmas gifts or gifts for yourself, now is the time to buy. I bought this highlighter gift set, this primer set, and this Lancome mascara one. The sets already have a huge discount so that 20% off bundles on top of it! 

I've used this sugar exfoliating scrub for two months now and it's amazing. I can feel the scrub taking off dirt and dead skin. It leaves my skin extremely moisturized and smooth. I picked up my second one during this sale. 

A friend recommended this palette to me and the colors are all pretty neutral with hints of pink tones. There are dark colors if you're looking to glam up a bit. I have used this palette everyday since I've purchased it. What I noticed most was that it didn't smudge by the end of the day like my Naked palettes. 

This eye wrinkle cream is probably the best one out there. I've tried multiple preventative eye creams and the results on this cream is the most dramatic. I've had my bottle for over a year and it's no where near running out. You definitely get your moneys worth. 

Everyone has been raving about this foundation and it's the real deal. I tried a sample of it from Sephora and immediately noticed a huge difference. It stays on throughout the ENTIRE day, it blends with your skin tone, goes on like water, and the best part is that my forehead wasn't oily by the end of the day like my other foundation. 

I quickly learned that we all need to take early measures to prevent wrinkles. What I like about the Fresh Vitamin Nectar is that it doubles up as a wrinkle preventive cream and moisturizer. Apply a bunch of skincare products on every day gets old so it's so much easier to get the job done at once. The cream smells so delicious and leaves a radiant glow. I apply this in the morning and night. 

If you're interested in wanting to start contouring your face, this palette is a pretty good basic set. I had tried this contour palette that had 9 different colors and was completely lost.When it comes to contour, I'm easily a beginner. I love that this palette includes a brush and face guide next to the mirror.   

If yall have questions about anything else, please feel free to DM me! 


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