Monday, July 31, 2017


TOP: BP // CARDIGAN: BP (similar here and here) // JEANS: AG // SHOES: Sam Edelman // BAG: Gucci // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker 

I may or may not have been sweating while I was wearing this outfit, lol. My entire outfit is from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and it may be the very first Fall outfit that I wear this season. (There's only about a week left of the anniversary sale. After the sale is over, everything goes back to regular price). I've already worn this top to work because it's really light. The easiest outfit that is always super cute and cozy consist of a simple cardigan, cami, jeans, and boots. I love how the olive color of my cardigan ties the entire outfit in. I snagged two other cardigans at the sale because they're great fall staples pieces. Lastly these boots...THEY.ARE.AMAZING! I love the color! They remind me of the UGG ones I bought last year but these are a lot dressier. They're definitely a statement shoe that pairs great with dresses or jeans and a cute top! 

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Friday, July 28, 2017


DRESS: Chicwish (top version here) // SHOES: Hinge (similar here)  // BAG: Cult Gaia

I got this dress a few weeks ago and I wear it at least once a week. Chambray has always grabbed my attention. I have my eye on a few pieces from Chicwish here and here. With Fall rolling around, booties and riding boots pair really well with anything chambray. (My dress also comes in a top version as well)!

Tommy is out with work so this weekend it's just Liam and I. Liam has been under the weather so I think we're going to keep it pretty calm. Boss Babe is now on blue ray so of course, I had to buy to it for Liam. Our weekend will consist of movies and chicken noodle soup. 

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*Photos by Jenna Sparks 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Liam- TOP: Ralph Lauren // BOTTOMS: Zara // SHOES: Freshly Picked // Caroline- SHOES: Freshly Picked 

First off, aren't these two little babies the cutest things you've seen? Watching Liam hold Caroline's hand and give her kisses melted my heart. They were running around like crazy with each other. Everyone tells me that Liam's going to be a lady's man and I'm like "NO!". This little boy is forever mine, he's a huge Momma's boy! #attachmentproblems

It's no surprise that my go to shoe for Liam (or even baby shoes that I recommend to everyone) are Freshly Picked shoes. Today, they release two new styles; the Penny Loafer and the Bow Moccs. 
The new bow moccs make me wish that I had a daughter. They're the cutest baby girl shoes ever! Caroline is wearing the rose gold color. These are her first pairs of FP and I know she'll love them! The Penny Loafers are perfect for boys because they're dressier and clean. I ordered these suspender shorts for Liam and I can't stop making him wear them. He looks so adorable in them! Liam is now two years old and fits in a size 5, the ones he's wearing now are a size 6. I typically size up so he has room to grow. 

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*Photos by Jenna Sparks 

Friday, July 21, 2017


 DRESS: ASTR // SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell // BAG: Rebecca Minkoff (sold out, love this one and this one) // BRACELETS: David Yurman & David Yurman

Happy Friday!! Liam's birthday was yesterday and we had so much fun. Tommy and Liam visited me at work because we had our grand opening party. Liam had some awesome roll up ice cream, ate food, and ran around the mall like a crazy two year old. We really celebrated as a family when we got home. I had bought a mini chocolate cake from Cheesecake Factory and we sang happy birthday to Liam. He kept trying to blow the candles out with his nose, lol. It was so so funny! He was extremely hyper for the next hour so we played hide and go seek and tag around the house.

I feel that I've been living at the mall for the last week! I've been on a shopping spree because of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (which goes public today!!!!), buying birthday gifts, and just anything I needed for the house.

I do most of my shopping at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center in Denver. They have all of the stores that I typically go to; Nordstrom, Janie & Jack, J Crew, Macy's. Liam loves going there because they have this massive dinosaur play area that he can run wild in. It's really conveinient to be able to grab any gifts, a new wardrobe for my entire family, a cup of Starbucks, and lunch all in one place. Shopping in malls are my happy place, lol. I don't think that's a surprise to anyone, lol. The number of hours that I've spent at this mall is insane.

This month they have their Summer of Style event and it's a really great time to shop. They will be having complimentary makeovers, spa treatment, styling, drinks, and snacks. I'm mostly excited for their giveaways! During their event on the 22nd and the 29th, they're giving away free concert tickets and gift cards! I never win anything so maybe I'll have a chance.

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*Photos by Jenna Sparks

*Thank you Cherry Creek Shopping Center for sponsoring this post, as always all opinions are my own

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Today is a VERY VERY special day. Today is Liam's second birthday!!!! This little hyper, minion loving toddler is now two years old. Some of it is kind of a blur but so much has happen in the past year. Liam has grown into the sweetest fun loving son I could ever ask for. He's kind when he wants to be and assertive when he needs to be. He's like both Tommy and I in so many ways. The relationship that Liam and Tommy have is indescribable. They are like two little boys having the best time. Liam is such a momma's boy and I wouldn't have it any other way. I could go on and on about Liam but instead, I decided to list achievements, events, or anything random that has happened in the past year. (Ignore all my grammar, this is for me to look back on). 

1. Liam learned how to walk 10 days after he turned one! His first steps were at my aunts house and he took 2 before falling. He mastered walking in a matter of days. 

2. Banana's were our favorite, until we over ate them and moved onto grapes. 

3. He understands both english and vietnamese, but speaks more english currently. 

4. We started potty training at 18 months but that didn't go too well. Way to many accidents, lol. 

5. We love to count to 3 together and say how Liam is now 2 years old. 

6. Minions, Toy Story, Moana, and Boss Baby are his favorite movies. 

7. Liam loves to take long baths and practice his floating. 

8. Liam's hair finally grew in at 18 months. We also got our first haircut after Christmas. 

9. Liam attend his first NFL games and our Texans won!!!!

10. Splash pads and pools are his favorite summer time activity. 

11. Liam traveled internationally for the first time and we flew to Vietnam and also stayed at a Korea airport. 

12. Liam can't live without gummy bears and ice-cream. 

13. He still sleep in mine and Tommy's bed. Liam's is deathly afraid of sleeping alone. 

14. Liam loves running around the grocery store pointing at all of the snacks he loves. 

15. Liam can say over 30 words in english and over 10 in vietnamese. 

16. The Little Gym was one of his favorite activities. Balance beams and swings were always popular with Liam. 

17. When we go to the zoo, Liam loves the animals but is nervous when feeding the giraffes. 

18. Putting on everyone shoes while he's naked in a diaper is what he does every single night. 

19. Liam loves reading books in the morning and right before bed. 

20. All of Liam's teeth grew in and was able to brush his own teeth at 20 months. 

21. Liam weights about 25 pounds and is still in the 12th percentile. 

22. Hide and seek and peek a boo are some of Liam's favorite house games. 

23. Liam is still uncomfortable with being on the beach, mainly because of the sand texture. 

24. When he cries, it's typically less than 1 minute and then he's over it. 

25. Liam watched his Despicable Me 3 on opening day and LOVED it! He was dancing to the music and saying "OOO!" at all the tense scenes. 

26. Liam's the most hyper at night, right before bed time. I always play around with him before bed. Sometimes it's not the best idea since he previously had lunch. 

27. Liam loves to walk around the house with Tommy's sunglasses, hat, and shoes. It's the funniest thing since the hat always covers his eyes and the shoes are just a tad too big. 

28. Every single time we see a dog, Liam jets towards them to pet and say hi to them. 

29. Liam is exactly like Tommy as a toddler. Crazy and wild. 
30. He's the most loving little toddler in the world. Tommy and I love him more than anything! 

Happy 2nd Birthday Liam!!


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