Sunday, March 26, 2017

GOING ON 24...

 DRESS: Missguided (50% off!) // SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell // CLUTCH: Louis Vuitton // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker

It's unbelievable that today, I'm a year older; 23 going on 24. It's true what they say, as you get older time passes by faster. This birthday is actually the first birthday ever that Tommy is present. During college, we were always hours apart during my birthday. Of course, he would come visit the following weekend to celebrate, but it's not the same. 23 was a challenging and memorable year. I'm going to use today's post as a reminder of my accomplishment and lessons I've taken from year 23. It's a little more personal and not everything will be brunches and shoes, lol. 

Balancing Roles: I was absolutely horrible at balancing the roles of a mother and wife. For Liam's first year, it was 100% about him. Tommy completely understood that it was going to be like that for the first couple of months. I was in my own routine and in my own bubble and I kind of let that mindset take over. Yes, caring for my child comes first, but my husband is also apart of that family and is a vital key. Mine and Tommy's relationship was really tough, it was as if we were room mates at some times. All we did for months was fight and live our separate lives. It wasn't until the last two month where I really knew how to balance out those roles. Giving my time to both my son and my husband. Family is number one to me and I can't have that if I don't have a strong relationship with my husband. Our marriage is far from perfect, but we work hard and keep fighting for each other. Being committed to each other and Liam has made life so much easier and happier. 

Living in Reality: It's safe to say that we all dream big. Growing up, I imagined having a huge home, driving nice cars, traveling around the world, buying whatever my heart desired, and really living that luxurious lifestyle. I would say that my past 4ish year has pretty much been amazing. Ever since Liam was born, our first 1 1/2 years together was like a vacation. We traveled to 5 states and 1 country. When Tommy was coming home from deployment, that lifestyle had to be put on pause. I wasn't ready nor wanted that. Yes, one day I will be able to travel and do all those things, but it takes time and a lot of hard work. My mom has been a huge part of helping me get my life back into check. Growing up, I wouldn't say that I had many hardships or struggles. God has truly blessed me in ways that I couldn't even imagine. My supporting and loving family being one. The main one. My mom was a single mother that raised 4 children practically on her own. My mom's parents and siblings are the most caring people I have ever know. My family growing up wasn't just my mom and siblings, it was my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We are all SO close! My mom taught me that life isn't about having and doing all these things. That family is the most important and that you have to work hard to achieve those dreams. 

Being Independent: When I turned 23, I was living in Texas with Liam and our family. Tommy had deployed and it was tough not having him there to help with Liam. I completely struggled the first few months moving back in with my mom. I didn't have my own place, Liam didn't have his own room, and I had no privacy. To me, being a mother means being strong for your children when times are tough. Being independent wasn't something that I was great at nor preferred. Taking care of your child without your partner present is tough but rewarding. After 9 months of hardwork and trying to be there for your family and child, I learned how important it was to be independent and strong.

Staying True to My Blog: The blogging world is killer, you can easily get caught up in buying what everyone else has or trying to live the lifestyle of a top blogger. I got sucked up into it and noticed that I would buy things just to post them on my blog and not actually wear it. Or post post that weren't personal or all to exciting. It's not true to me or my lifestyle, AND it wasn't good, financially. I slowed down a little bit on my blog to try to figure out what I wanted my blog to be about. Fashion, lifestyle, travel, and being a mother are topics that I truly enjoy sharing and writing about. Blogging is hard work and having the support that I have from yall, other bloggers, family, and friends has really helped me through tough times.

I'm seriously so overjoy to announced that I have hit 10K on my Instagram. This was a huge goal for me and I'm honestly so happy and thankful for yall. Thank you for responding to my post and questions. Thank you for reading or even scrolling though my blog. Thank you for being kind to me and my family. I love yall and really couldn't do this without everyone. Thank you so much! With that said, look forward to a fun 10K post next month! 


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