Monday, February 13, 2017


DRESS: Topshop // SHOES: Steve Madden // BRACELETS: David Yurman & David Yurman // GOLD BOX: Godiva // HEART BOX: Godiva // Liam- TOP: Old Navy // JEANS: Old Navy // SHOES: Freshly Picked // 

Valentine's Day has always held a special place in my heart. Whether it was spent with family, best friends, or with Tommy, I always enjoyed the day of Love. I can still remember mine and Tommy's first Valentine's Day together. He took me to dinner on the river walk in San Antonio and it was such a sweet romantic date. He gave me my very first gold box from Godiva and I about died. There is something so special and exciting about receiving a shiny gold box of Godiva chocolate. Since then, which was 5 years ago, he has given me a gold box (preferably the milk chocolate one) every Valentine's Day. 

Now that we have Liam on this special day, we are sharing our traditions with him. When he first saw the gold box, he immediately knew that there were treats inside. I saved the gold box for him to open on Valentine's Day, but we opened the pink heart box immediately. His face lit up as soon as I opened it! When Liam gets excited, he has the biggest cheesy smile, shakes his fist in a fast paced motion, and repeatedly says "OOOO". I'm pretty sure he didn't know how to control himself nor was able to decide which one to try first. He grabbed a piece, took a nibble, put it back, and then picked up a different one. Liam seriously did this with 5 different pieces within a minute, lol. It was hilarious. We're going to continue to share this Valentine's Day tradition and I hope that one day, he will pass it on to someone he loves. The fastest way to our hearts is chocolate. 

Tomorrow our plans are to give Liam his Valentine's basket when Tommy gets home from work Which has a sticker Valentine's Card, sweets, chalk for him to draw with, toys, and a card to Build A Bear. If we have time, I want to take him to get another bear made, bake heart cookies, and watch a movie of his choice. What are some of your Valentine's Day traditions? 

I hope yall have a special Valentine's Day with family, friends, or soul mate! 


*Photos by Jenna Sparks


*Thank you Godiva for sponsoring this post, as always all opinions are my own

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