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Liam, it's absolutely crazy to think that you turn one today. Becoming your mom has changed my life and there is nothing I'd rather do than to take care of you and give you the best life possible. I still remember bringing you home and watching you sleep all day and night like it was yesterday. You were so tiny and now you're my little chubby giant that I was barely hold for 5 minutes without my arms getting tired. Your Dad and I are proud of you and all that you've accomplished in your first year...rolling over, talking, crawling, standing, and even yelling to get your way. I've said this many times before and I'll tell you again, God has truly blessed me with such an amazing, happy, smart, healthy, and loving son. You've brought pure happiness into my life and I hope that I can make you feel the same. You are loved by so many people, baby. All of our friends and family members will always be there and watch over you. Watching you smile and laugh is one of the many things that I live for...your smile is just like your Dad's. Even though you look exactly like your Dad, your sassiness and attitude came straight from me. Even though I want you to stay my little mini forever, I'm excited to see all the things that you accomplish in life. Here is a milestone of your first year and all the things that you love. 

1 Month: kicking your baby legs and smiling at Mommy and Daddy. You loved sleeping on my chest and hated being swaddled. You didn't sleep through the night but you only woke up 2/3 times a night. The swing was your favorite thing to be in.

3 Months: You would always laugh when Daddy changed your diapers! You were really alert of your surrounding and were able to hold you head up by yourself. We started to move you into our bed because you couldn't sleep through the nights in the bassinet...and it was easier to feed you at night. You also took your first flight at 3 months to Texas.

4 Months: Rolling over or using your head to scoot was how maneuvered around. You were able to sit up straight with support and always smiled. You started to enjoy taking baths with all of your toys.

5 Months: You're very first food was sweet potatoes; your face that you made was priceless. You were hooked on food since then. You loved to yell and play with your toys. Being around a lot of people made you upset, but that's because you're a momma's boy. 

6 Months: At around 6 months, you were sitting on your own. There was still a blanket behind you when you lost your balance. You enjoyed eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. We bought a smash cake for you and you loved playing in it. You started to push sounds out and would say "words". 

7 Months: You were dancing to all the songs I would sing you and laughed hysterically when your dad or I did crazy things. I always brought you in your bumbo chair to the kitchen to cook and clean. If I were out of your sight, you'd scream! 

8 Months: We moved back to Texas and you didn't like being around a lot of people. This was also the first time you got sick. You had wan ear affection and we found out that you were allergic to pinnacilion. You also started to take a bottle, finally!

9 Months: You were on the move! You started to crawl and used one leg to move. I got you walker and you were running by day 2. You also visited your first park and loved the swings. Your first real word came out of your mouth and it was "Dada", you would repeat it over and over. 

10 Months: Your first tooth sprouted! You had your right bottom tooth come out first. The other ones quickly came in after. You started eating real food and ate just about everything. You enjoyed holding everyone's hands to walk around the house. You stood for your first time for about 4/5 seconds. You went to the Pirates Bay water park for the first time and you were scared.

11 Months: Your personality magnified by 100%. You are such a happy baby; you loved to laugh and being carried around. You crawled EVERYWHERE! Your favorite movie was "Minions" and we would watch it over and over. You started to stand for a much longer period of time and clapped when you were proud.

12 Months: Your one. You loved everyone and everything. You eat and eat and eat, your favorite thing to eat are bananas and baby cereal snacks. You call out momma everything you need me and your auntie and Kayla are your next favorites. We love to Skype to Daddy, you get so so happy when you see him and take the phone away to talk to him in private. You love balloons, sweets, and new toys. Brushing your teeth was not something that you enjoyed. You are friendly to everyone that you see and wave hi and goodbye like a royal. You are growing more hair and are learning to take steps. I threw you your first birthday party and you were laughing and smiling the entire time. You got tons of toys and gifts. 

I love you baby.
Happy 1st Birthday! 



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