Friday, April 29, 2016


THROW BLANKET: Lands Downunder // SWEATSHIRT: ILY // JOGGERS: Gap // BOOKS: Nordstrom (most) // BATH TOWEL:  Pottery Barn

I have wanted to start writing more post on being a mother to Liam and I'm so excited to share another one with everyone today. Before I begin, I'm no expert at being a parent...I believe that being a great parent is doing your very best to ensure that your child is healthy, loved, and happy. Raising a baby is so much more than cute photos, adorable clothes, and rainbows. It's putting someone else before you, teaching him/her how to talk, crawl, and eat, and giving everything you got so that child can have the best life possible. 

Most of my post with Liam are us on vacation or going out. This post is more of the reality of our life and it's my favorite. Even though I love taking Liam on trips and buying him toys and such, staying home with him is my absolute favorite thing in the world. I (and Tommy, before he deployed) try to read to Liam every day; I feel that he's trying to say some of the words now that he is older! Liam naps 3/4x a day, so it's nice to let him snuggle on me or sleep in his bed versus the stroller when we're out. I love wrapping a cozy blanket around us and snuggle or watch "Little Einsteins".(Do you Mom's ever get to that point where you can sing every song of your child's favorite show? Lol.) Snuggling with Liam is probably more for me than it is for him, I'm so attached to him. I have about a billion blankets and this Lands Downunder one is the one I use the most, it's crazy soft, lightweight, and warm. 

A typical day at home for us consist of feeding, changing, playing, napping, and after about 3 messy meals...bathing! Bath time is Liam's favorite! I add Honest Bubble Bath in his tub to play with and for me to make him bubble wigs, lol. After his bath, it's bedtime...Liam actually sleeps with me since we left his crib in Colorado. It's also easier for me to feed him in the middle of the night, all I have to do is turn to breastfeed him and he falls back to sleep after a few minutes. Everything might have sounded a little like a normal stay at home mom day, but it's feels amazing and rewarding to be with your child and watch them grow.


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