Thursday, July 9, 2020




Last weekend was much much needed. Tommy and I decided that it would be a great idea to take a little parents/adult week to Austin and Lake Travis and I already want to go back. Since Tommy is moving out of Killeen soon I figured that it would be a quick drive to Austin (1 hour away). I really wish we would have taken more advantage of having an apartment so close to Austin and Lake Travis because we would have been there a lot more often. 9/10 times that the kids and I visited Tommy in Killeen, we would go to Austin to eat and shop. Going to Austin with just adults is so different! Here's a quick itinerary of what we did and details! I wasn't able to take more pictures because I wanted to have a trip where I was working so there are more hotel pictures videos on my IG Story highlight under "Austin, Tx

I drove to Austin Friday afternoon with my siblings and met Tommy there. Tommy is really into hiking and it's an activity that I'm starting to really enjoy! We went to Barton Creek Greenbelt and it's a fairly easy hike. There's a pond at the end and you'll see people coming in and out with bathing suits on but we were there to hike. We were there for about 1 1/2 hours and it was a really great and quick outdoor activity. 

Tommy and I were in Killeen this morning and went on a hike to Dana Peak Park Trails (in Harker Heights). We've been here with the children a few times and have taken easier evening trails there. Tommy took me deep into the park in the early afternoon and WOW! It was a struggle that was worth it. We went about .8 miles down and hiked up the mountain to see the beautiful lake view. It's only a 1 hour drive from Austin and is easy to get to. 

Later that evening we went to Charm Korean BBQ it was my first time eating Korean BBQ in a restaurant since traveling to Vietnam. The restaurant was very social distance friendly and the food was good! There is a huge variety of beef and their sides are AMAZING! If you go, you have to try the corn, kimchi, and egg soufflĂ© with your beef. 

We drove to Lake Travis Resort in the late morning to get a lot of time at the pool. It's 35 minutes from Austin (with no traffic). Its an easy and beautiful escape from the city. We were able to get our room for a very low rate ($235 in total). They also offer a military rate as well. 

The resort is right on the lake so the view is absolutely beautiful! The pool is an infinity styled pool (for adults) and has 3 tiers, a hot tub, fireplace, and there's also a really decent sized children pool area with a slide. We were able to access the pool before check in so that was really great. The resort was all social distance friendly and required mask at all times except when you're in the pool or eating. Our standard room has a really great size patio and Tommy was so surprised at how large our room was. 

In the evening one of my best friends, Weston from college was able to take us out on the lake. The water was surprisingly clean and being on the boat is honestly so much fun! 

We ended our day with some Whataburger and it was perfect. You're able to eat at the hotel as well. If you would rather have food ordered in, there are multiple delivery service options. 

Our getaway was much needed this summer and I can't wait to go back! 


Thursday, June 25, 2020


Twinning with Chloe looks are back and just in time for Amazon Fashion's Big Style Sale and 4th of July. If you haven't heard to Amazon Fashion's Big Style Sale yet, it's a huge online sale on designer items for the whole family. There are daily deals and sizes are going pretty fast. I went through 100+ pages and rounded up all my favorites below for yall to shop easily.

When it comes to having outfits together for the holidays, I'm usually behind but I wanted to get a head start and ordered all of these outfits for Chloe and I (which are available for Prime Shipping). When it comes to family looks, great quality and pieces that are affordable are important. All of our clothing pieces are $55 and under and our shoes are under $100. I've been eyeing these sandals for months and now I can't stop wearing them. I choose to find versatile pieces for our mommy and me looks so that we could wear them over and over again. Both of Chloe's outfits are sets and can easily be styled separately. I chose pretty summer staple pieces like these shorts that are 100% mom approved. They hug your bottom well and have great coverage. A lot of sizes are under $25 too. 

Our family started making plans for 4th of July but can't seem to decide on whether we want to spend the weekend at home in Houston or in Austin (outdoors). Tommy's apartment has a great pool that we always utilize so there will definitely be some swim time for our family. We'll see what happens! 



Monday, June 22, 2020


Our summer has been nothing but fun and lots and lots of hours spent outside. When it comes to keeping children entertained and making long summer days easier on moms, I 100% understand the struggle. Being stuck at home during this time doesn't make it easier too. For us, we've kinda forgot that everything has been closed off because we're enjoying so much of our time at home with family. All of these items have been essential for my children and I. It makes summer life more joyful at home and doesn't break the bank. I've been using majority of these items daily and wanted to share more details with yall. 

SANDALS: This is my 4th year buying sandals from Freshly Picked. When it comes to finding boy sandals, there aren't a lot out there that are cute and functional. I love that these sandals are durable in water, are non slip, and are affordable. We always size one size up on these. 

MAT: I got this mat in from House of NOA last month and O.M.G where has this mat been my entire life. We use it every single day for lunch, craft time, picnics, beach trips, and just about anything. When it comes to getting messy, it's not my thing. My children on the other hand love to get messy with paint, food, and anything you can think of. I place this mat on the ground, on the table, and just about anywhere and it makes me feel so at ease. Their Everly Mat collection is made for packing, is water proof, and so soft. There are also petite options

WATER TABLE: If you not up to pull out the big inflatable pool but the kiddos need a way to cool down, water buckets are a great option. This was a huge hit with Chloe and the boys (who are 4 and 6) are even up for it too. I found it on sale at Target for around $50. 

PORTABLE FAN: This is currently in my cart. My cousin showed me this fan last week and I was sold. There are multiple speed levels, lightweight, wraps around anything, and is able to be charged in your car (USB). Texas is HOT and I feel so bad when Chloe is sweating in the car or even on the patio so I know this is a great way to help cool her down. 

SWIM DIAPERS: We've been using these swim diapers and love them. After Chloe used them, we can throw them away and I love that it doesn't soak up water and make the diaper heavy on her. 

PICNIC TABLE I randomly saw this at IKEA for $50 and had to have it! When we have pool days and it comes time for lunch, instead of going inside the house wet and sweaty, they're able to sit at the table outside and enjoy lunch. My children are still a bit small for normal dining table so this was a really great option to have. 

BEACH TOTE: I've been staying at my mom for a month now and we're living out of so many Vera Bradley bags. Their bags are seriously so functional and durable. I got this beach tote in last month and have used it for our little trips to the beach and to store summer essentials (sunscreen, towels, ect). The lining is waterproof and the bag is durable and light. The size is great because it's not too little nor too big. 

HOODED TOWEL: I've been buying towels from PBK for over 4 years and they're the only towels my children use. I got them each a monogram hooded towel for baths, beach days, and pool days. They soak up tons of water and hood is a big hit with the kids. Our oldest towel is about to be 5 years (Liam's elephant towel) and still going strong. They're currently on sale too! 

RESUABLE WATER BALLOONS: Yes! These are reusable water balloons. I bought them at Target on a whim and Liam and Easton have been loving them! I bought another packet and they go crazy. I grew up having water balloon fights but hate the messy pick ups after. These water balloon are a great option and are eco friendly! 

SUNSCREEN: I use this on all of our faces and bodies and love how easily it blends into our skin. It smells so good and is water resistant. 

DUO SUNSCREEN AND INSECT REPELLER: Mosquitos are horrible in Houston and I wanted to get an organic insect repeller and have loved this one. I can't say that it works as well as "OFF" but it works really well for an organic spray. This sunscreen is a great spray (without aerosol) option. Tommy is actually allergic to aerosol spray. I use the spray on the children's back when we're on the go. 

POOL: I saw this pool all over instagram and thought I'd check out the hype. Yall, it's the real deal. I've bought tons of inflatable pools that only end up in the back of the garage 1 month later. I love to big this pool is in width, height, and thickness. We use a hairdryer to blow it up and it inflates easily. Plus, it super cute! I would definitely sign up for restock alerts. Minnidip offers tons of pool options but I only have this one. 

Thank you so much for reading! 


Wednesday, June 17, 2020


4th of July is right around the corner. We're going to be spending our entire day outside with family grilling, playing on the lawn, and eating. I found tons of navy and red pillows for under $25 so I wanted to give my mom's upstair patio a little more decoration. When it comes to holiday decorations, I try my best to keep it under $100 per room because after the holiday is over, it stays in the garage for another 11 months. I found these two red pillows on sale at JCPenney in stores for $15!  They're sold out online but I linked a lot of options here. Adding little pops of red, white, and blue can easily take your normal patio to 4th of July ready. Simplicity is best in my opinion. I bought a couple of smaller sized American flags to add as well. The decoration is subtle but still festive! 

I'm linking tons of decoration options below! 


Monday, June 15, 2020


TOP: Soma // BOTTOM: Soma 

It’s Monday and I’m starting this week strong with setting new goals for myself. Reading books was something I “never had time to do” and it’s about time I threw that excuse out the window. Books about parenting, character building, and personal growth has really lured me in. In high school, I loved romance fantasy books and will get around to reading them again soon. 

I started to dedicate alone time for everyone while Chloe is taking a nap and it has made a huge difference. Liam and Easton study and read in separate rooms and I’m able to get some alone time too. There’s nothing more blissful than staying in your pajamas all day and drinking coffee in peace. This pretty stripe set is from Soma Intimates and it’s the softest thing in my closet. The feminine lace details are beautiful and it’s a part of their “Cool Night” line so it makes sleeping extra comfortable and cool. Soma is currently having their Semi-Annual Sale and there are tons of items marked down. Their pajamas are so soft and perfect for warm summer days in Texas. I’m ordering this set (top & bottom) for myself and my mom loves these pieces (top & bottom)! All this time at home has really made me appreciate great quality and soft pajamas and loungewear. 

The patio has been my go-to space to read, study, and eat. I’m currently reading “How to Win Friends & Influence People” and it has already taught me a lot about myself as a mom. Tommy has read the entire book already and found it very informative and eye opening. Reading 2-3 books a month is my new goal. Setting a goal for myself every week and month makes me feel busy and productive. 

Thank you so much for reading! 


*Thank you, Soma, for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.  



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