Monday, March 19, 2018


DRESS: Leith (runs TTS) // SHOES: Sam Edelman (similar here) // BAG: Gucci // EARRINGS: Kendra Scott // BRACELET: David Yurman & David Yurman 

Today probably isn't the best Monday for most because school is back in session. Even though I don't start school until June, it was nice having my siblings back at home. We probably ate crawfish one to many times and went out a little too much. Liam loves being around his Aunts and Uncles and I'm so thankful for it. 

I wore this adorable pink dress twice last week and it's probably gonna be one of my go to pieces. I paired it with these nude heels for a simple and feminine look. The little ruffle details already give this dress a girly feel. To style it casually and more relaxed you can pair it with some sneakers and a denim jacket. These heels by the way are SOOO comfortable. I have the Steve Madden Carrson ones from last year and they don't compare to these. The heel is a little shorter but I love that it doesn't look like a itty bitty kitten heel. They run TTS and come in several colors. I'm thinking of getting the black ones next. 

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*Photos by Banavenue 

Friday, March 16, 2018


DRESS: Topshop (only $50, similar here) // SHOES: Marc Fisher // BAG: Gucci // Liam- TOP: Zara // BOTTOMS: Old Navy // SHOES: Vans // BOARD: Amazon

Happy Friday! Today is the day where our family shares the gender of our newest member to be. From the moment Tommy and I found out we were expecting another little baby, one of the first things on our minds were, I wonder if Liam's going to have a little brother or sister. I'm not going to hide anything, we were both DYING to have a little girl. One of each. Tommy and I always said that if we have one of each, we'd probably be done (done having babies), but if the second one was a boy, we'd shoot for the third baby to be a girl. A friend of mine had told me that there was a blood genetic test that I could get done at 10 weeks to find out the gender. The test itself isn't just to find out the gender, it's for down syndrome and other components as well. I looked into the test a little more and ask my doctor about it as well. It's not harmful to the baby at all! It's a simple little blood draw. We got it done around 12 weeks and found out 5 days later. I found out before Tommy and I couldn't wait to share the news with him and Liam. That following day, I went to Party City to grab a gender reveal balloon so we could have our little private reveal. We didn't have time to plan a party for our families and friends because Tommy was leaving for Korea two days after I found out. We went into the back yard and when Tommy popped the balloon, he didn't actually believe that we were having a girl, lol. He was so so happy about adding a little baby girl to our family. Liam of course was just happy to have balloons in the house. So yeah..WE'RE HAVING A GIRL!!!!! 

We thought we had a name picked up for awhile but Tommy and I just changed it. We are pretty sure the new name we chose is going to stick. I know Liam is anxiously waiting for his baby sister to arrive as well. Liam loves being around little babies, he's so sweet to them. Liam gives my belly kisses every night and has even asked to sleep next to his sister. Moment to cry. 5 more months until baby girl is here!

16 Week Checkup:
I had a 16 week check up earlier this week and everything went smoothly. I was nervous at first because I was still at negative 2 pounds from my starting weight. My doctor clarified that it was absolutely fine as long as I wasn't loosing weight from throwing up. The nurse took a little while to find a consistent heartbeat and I almost died when it happen. The nurse calmly explained that it was because the baby was EXTREMELY active and moving around a lot. The baby has a strong heartbeat and we will be getting an ultrasound in 3 weeks to view organs, size, and such. 

For my diet and daily routine, I'm actually very conscious of my weight and health during pregnancy. Despite what several people and even some of my family members think, it's very important to stay active and healthy during pregnancy (unless your doctor says otherwise). I try to work out at least 3 times a week. My workouts are low impact and low maintenance. As much fun as sitting in bed stuffing my face with oreos and chocolate sounds, it's not for me. I found out that I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Liam and learned how important it was to maintain a healthy diet. I continue to maintain a healthy diet for this pregnancy as well to prevent me from getting gestational diabetes again. My doctor supports my decisions and that's all the confirmation I need. 

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*Photos by Banavenue 


Monday, March 12, 2018


DRESS: Free People // SHOES: Marc Fisher (dupes here) // BAG: Cult Gaia // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker // BRACELET: David Yurman & David Yurman

Happy Monday! Spring break started for majority of Texas schools so the littles ones in my family are ready to enjoy this week. It's just another week for Liam and I. Spring Break is basically everyday for us, lol. We have plans to go out into the strawberry fields today and I'm so excited. Fruit picking is actually so cool to me. Yes, I know, I'm lame. We might go to Waco later this week to visit Magnolia market but it's still up in the air. What are everyone's plans for spring break (if it has already started for you)? 

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*Photos by Jenna Spark

Monday, March 5, 2018


DRESS: Nordstrom (size up, runs a little short) // SHOES: Marc Fisher //  BAG: Cult Gaia (large) // EARRINGS: Kendra Scott 

Happy Monday! First off, I know I'm using 2 different bags in these photos. Liam insisted on holding my Cult Gaia bag while shooting. Speaking of this insanely popular bag, it's back in stock and once again selling out fast. I highly suggest snagging it before it sells out. I noticed that it also increased in price so who knows when that'll happen again. 

Wrap dresses are back this spring and cuter than ever. I love how easy they are to wear. You can pair them with wedges or some comfy espadrille flats. I chose this one in particular because of the stripes. I'm a sucker for stripes. One thing about this dress is that it runs pretty short. I would size up a size for the length. (I'm wearing a small). 

The Houston Rodeo is going on this month and I'm super excited for Liam. We took him this weekend and he loved all the horses, carnival rides, and cotton candy. He was a little below the height requirement so we're definitely stuffing his socks next time, lol. I mean, why do you need to be 39 inches to ride a boat ride (that you ride with your parents) that goes side ways at the speed of 5 MPH?! I realized again how fast Liam is growing up. He's very independent and knows exactly what he wants. His behavior is also improving tremendously. He use to be so impatient and at the rodeo this weekend, he waited in line patiently and behaved so well. My Houston readers, are yall attending any concerts or fairs this rodeo season? 

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018


DRESS: Shopbop // SHOES: Marc Fisher // Tommy- TOP: Banana Republic // SHORTS: J Crew // SHOES: Sperry // Liam- TOP: Janie & Jack // SHORTS: Ralph Lauren // SHOES: Freshly Picked 

Our family is growing!! We're expecting our second baby in August and we feel incredibly happy for this huge blessing. Liam is going to be a big brother and we know he's going to be so loving towards the baby and do an amazing job as big brother. 

We've been waiting anxioulsy to share the news with everyone but wanted to wait until the first trimester was over. I'm about 13 weeks now and the first three months have not been easy. With Liam, we were expecting it, preparing for it, and I was physically ready for it. The first few weeks were rough. I was exhausted all the time and basically living in bed. With that said, this little baby has been an incredible surprise. It's completely true when they say "there is no right time to have a baby". Tommy and I actually had plans to start trying to have another baby this May because the baby will be born after Tommy returns from Korea. Tommy won't be retuning until 2019 but he has plans to fly back home for a few weeks to be there for the birth of our baby. Either way, we wouldn't change anything and are anxiously waiting for this little one to be born. Tommy and I are already talking about our family of four on a daily basis. We have a name picked out and are 99% set on it. We couldn't be happier for our newest addition!

I'm going to write this post in a Q&A form to talk about my first trimester. 

When/How did you find out?

I found out three days before Christmas. Tommy and Liam had already flown out to Texas so I was by myself. I was a few days late (which never happens) so I decided to take a pregnancy test. I went to the doctors the following day to have it confirmed. 

How did you feel? How did your family feel? 

I was excited and scared at the same time. This pregnancy was NOT planned. What scared me the most was that Tommy wasn't going to be in the same state for the pregnancy or the first 5 months of the baby's life. Tommy felt more worried than anything at first because he was really feeling down about those exact same things. After talking about it more, we planned two trips this year to see each other. Tommy's family was a lot more ecstatic about it than mine, lol. For some reason they saw it coming. My family was very happy (especially when they found out what the gender was) but had the same concerns about Tommy not being there for the first few months as well. My family is now is all crazy about me being careful (which I understand). My grandparents will literally tell me not to walk downstairs in case I trip and that I should basically be in bed all day, lol. 

Were you nauseous or feeling sick? 

For Liam, everything was a breeze up until 7 months. For this one, I've been feeling tired, lazy, and a little nauseous. It really surprised me that I felt like this. I was at home for weeks doing absolutely nothing. I tried going to the gym several times but because I was use to taking pre-workout, getting off of it was tough. Starbucks coffee was also religious to me for the past 6 months. Quitting all caffeine cold turkey hit me hard. I felt back to my normal self around 11 weeks and now it's finally a breeze. 

What is your diet? 

I can't say that I've changed my diet up at all. I avoid all the foods and drinks my doctor recommends, but besides that, all I can say is that I eat more greens and soup. Oh, I've also been eating an excessive amount of candy but I plan on stopping that soon. 

What was your daily routine? 

When I found out, we had so much traveling going on so I didn't have a routine. Tommy left a few days ago so after I settle in at my grandparents home, I'm going to plan a routine. It'll pretty much look like what it was when I was a stay at home mom. I'll incorporate more study time for myself and more play time for Liam since he's older. 

When do you find out the gender? 

We actually decided to take the NIPT genetic testing as soon as we got to Houston. I got the testing done at 11.5 weeks. I heard you could get it done at 10 weeks. If we didn't take this tests, we were looking to find out at my 20 week ultrasound. We were dying to find out the gender asap, especially before Tommy left. We found out the day before Tommy left and had our own little family reveal. 

Are you excited about having two children? 

Yes! We know it's going to be ALOT of work. We're excited to give Liam a sibling he can take care of/play with. I'm trying to prepare mentally but I don't think I'll know what I'm doing until he/she is here. 

If yall have any other questions, please feel free to email or dm me! 

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